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Uniform predictions for OSU-WVU

We all think chrome helmets are the play for Homecoming.




Carson: As we saw last week, OSU is becoming predictable in certain spots. Hopefully we get a curveball this weekend.But this is the spot known as Homecoming.

I bet OSU regrettably goes full-Clemson: Orange-Orange-Orange again.

The chrome helmet would slightly help the combo, but it’s not for me. I get the “Wear Orange!” movement among fans but it’s just not a good football uniform.

I hope they wear Black-Gray-Black, the combo I’ve been waiting on since 2011. Can I see a photoshop of that combo in the footnotes, just to hold me over?[1. Here you go.]

Southwell: Chrome-Orange-White. Homecoming must have orange, but please don’t go full Clemson.

Carson, I feel ya! I have B-G-B as No. 2 on the uniforms we haven’t worn, but I really have them as the No. 1 that I want to see. I just have B-O-W as No. 1 on the list because it’s common sense.

Porter: We’re in agreement about the chrome helmet. My C-B-O pick is more of a wishful “please don’t wear all orange” plea for help than anything else because I definitely think they’re oranging Boone’s house out this weekend.

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