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Uniform Predictions: Game 2 vs. South Alabama



One fun wrinkle for the uni prediction this year is that we will be keeping score via the number on the back of the jersey. Chris Knox is pulling the strings on the graphics, and this year’s version is better than ever.

Kyle Porter only got the white pants correct last week. Justin Southwell got the orange top/white pants. Carson Cunningham had a big whiff and everybody missed out on the new helmet.

On to the predictions for South Alabama.


I’m actually not positive they’ve ever worn white-white-orange as a combo before, but I think it would look pretty great. There’s no way they throw away black-white-black or white-white black on the sixth-best team in Alabama (behind Bama, Auburn, UAB, Troy and Hoover High).

So I’ll go with what I believe could be a new combo topped off by the badge (the brand has only been worn once in the last 14 games!)


I think we see the brand this week. Oh, how I’ve missed it. I think it will be the same helmet as Week 1 from last season — the new standard. We need to see it for an away game and I think this would be a great time for it.

Black pants with the white jersey is one of my favorite combos. It’s so sharp. I really liked it paired with the white (Badge) helmet against TCU last season, so it’s time to see it with THE BRAND, BABY!


I took a big L last week, and I knew better. White, orange, white was a layup and I didn’t hit rim. This must feel what it’s like to be Texas.

With South Alabama calling for a whiteout, I was partly hoping Gundy would troll them with all-white. But I think they will save that look for later in the year (although, with the plethora of white helmets, they could do it more than once, I suppose).

I think OSU will try to incorporate as much orange as possible here, saving some of the better road looks (B-W-B, W-W-B) for later like a fine wine. So I’ll go with orange (giant chrome Pete)-white-orange. They haven’t worn that color combo with giant Pete yet, and they will put orange on full display for a nationally televised audience.

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