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Uniform Predictions: Oklahoma State-TCU



We decided to retroactively (and going forward) award points for getting the color of the helmet correct and a bonus point if you get the helmet logo correct as well. Since Oklahoma State has ~1,500 helmet combinations, it became too difficult to pick the exact right one, and like the Pokes have shown us, more points = more fun anyway.

On to this week’s choices.

Kyle Porter

I’ve felt pretty confident about my choices until this week. I’m going black-black-orange with about as much confidence as I have in Adarius Bowman shooting a 3-pointer with my life on the line. I could see anything this weekend, but I do think they’ll go with the black badge helmet — that’s the piece I’m most sure of. They’ve worn this combo in a conference opener before — 2011 vs. Kansas — and I think they’ll save all black everything for either Kansas State or OU in November.

Carson Cunningham

OSU has pulled no punches this season. That’s why I picked BWB last week – There is no uni unturned. Nothing but good combos, thanks to all of the helmet options. While I do agree with Southwell – an orange badge helmet is inevitable, and likely coming soon – I think they wear one of my personal favorites: black, orange, black.

I know it’s typically reserved for Bedlam but there is precedent with wearing this combo more than once in a single season. They will save the Ed Hardy version for this year’s Bedlam.

Justin Southwell

Night games are elusive, but the black jerseys must be worn. We haven’t seen them shy away from wearing black in September over the last few years. I am expecting a new helmet for this top-20 matchup, but it’s impossible to know what that might be. My best guess would be an orange badge helmet. I think that helmet pairs best with a combo like we saw in the Texas Tech game of 2014.

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