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Uniform Predictions: Oklahoma State-Texas Tech

What will the Pokes wear for their conference opener? Kyle, Carson and Justin foretell.



Oklahoma State’s Big 12 opener against Texas Tech will go down on Saturday night in Stillwater. It’s OSU’s fourth straight home game, and it feels like a lock for one specific uniform combination for the Pokes.

Kyle Porter: All black everything is going to happen. It’s just a matter of which helmet Oklahoma State is going to wear. I’ll go Ed Hardy, but I don’t feel particularly great about it. I could see them going with an orange helmet like these other two fellas picked.

Carson Cunningham: With a 6 p.m. kick I’m thinking black jersey and black pants, but I don’t think they use all-black this soon in the season. So give me the orange chrome Pete helmet. It’s become one of the more common helmets in the wardrobe. They wore this combo in The Daxx Garman Game and I think they go back to that well. Let’s just hope Tech leaves these at home.

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Justin Southwell: The equipment crew seems to bust out new helmets against Tech. I think we’ll see a new helmet this week. Orange chrome with the badge makes the most sense to me, and I think it would look really awesome paired with black on black.

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