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Uniform Predictions: Oklahoma State-West Virginia

Our final road game picks of 2019.



With just two games to go, the uniform predictions competition is coming down to the wire this season, which I’m guessing (?) is easily the best season we’ve had on the whole. We’ll tally ’em all up at the end, but first a look at the current standings before we get to our WVU choices.


On to the picks.

Kyle Porter: I don’t feel great about it, but I’m going with their best look — black, white orange with the black brand. Basically what they wore on the road at OU last year. That’s as good as these uniforms get (don’t @ me), and this is our last chance to see it before the year is up (depending on whether they get home or visitor in the bowl game).

Carson Cunningham: All-whites with the Icy Pete. They wore that last time in Morgantown. It’s one of their tried and true combos they try to wear every single season.

Justin Southwell: I’ve learned WVU will be wearing gold/blue/gold for their senior day against Oklahoma State. I’m tossing my original pick of all-white out this week and rolling with a combo I’ve predicted a couple of times, but we haven’t seen this year: black/white/black. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the badge or a Pete logo to mix it up from all the brand logos, but I wouldn’t be mad if we saw another brand helmet this week.

Fun Fact: Oklahoma State is undefeated this season when wearing black helmets.

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