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Uniform predictions: OSU-TCU

What will OSU wear in its first true road adventure to Texas this season?




Pokes head back on the road this week and we have some uni predictions for Saturday’s game.

Southwell: Well I’m looking at the schedule and thinking about when we went to K-State and wore O-W-O. Might do the same this year with chrome.

And I still think we wear B-W-B against Baylor.I’ll go with all white vs. TCU.

Carson: OSU hasn’t been messing around too much this year. They’ve worn most of their go-to combos already.

B-W-B is the only choice. It’s tied with All black and B-O-B for the most worn combo (3). They like wearing it in Texas, too:

2011 at Texas – Win
2013 Miss. St. – Win
2013 at Texas – Win

So, that satisfies the superstitious uniform decision-makers. I’d like to see a new experiment (Chrome-White-Orange, anyone?) but I’m predicting B-W-B. It’s probably their best road combination, so I wouldn’t complain.

Porter: Who cares why?

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.23.41 AM

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