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Uniform Review: Icy White Helmet is Good, Not Great



Icy White made its debut and they were surprisingly underwhelming. I know I’m probably going to take some heat for this, but these helmets were just average in my opinion. Saying they’re average, however, doesn’t mean they were bad. They’re up against some tough competition.

If you were to ask me what helmets we should wear throughout the season, I don’t know if I would throw this one in the lineup (especially with the potential we’re seeing with the throwback concepts for homecoming games).

It’s a helmet that needed to be worn eventually. The chrome orange helmet and the icy white helmet complement each other, and I’m sure they’re big hits for recruits. The orange chrome can theoretically work with a lot of uniform combinations, while the icy white would look good with maybe a handful.

The all white combo was all we could really ask for with this helmet. Would it look cool with orange or gray pants? Probably. But if you’re going to be icy, you’ve got to wear it with all white. Good call by the equipment staff there. Former defensive back Deion Imade still might need to have a talk with someone, though:

I suppose the game itself was scary enough to keep us on the edge of our seats the whole time, but wasn’t it weird that the Pokes didn’t go full Halloween with the orange and black?

UTEP and Southern Miss got into the spirit of things and had a color vs. color matchup for orange vs. black. Then Boise State came out of nowhere and did a Statue of Liberty to beat us at our own game with their Halloween Edition helmets:

With all of that said, the icy white helmets are clean. I’ll probably make a trip to the mall to buy the mini helmet and stick it up there with my other OSU collectables (right after I get the 70s throwback and the carbon fiber helmets). I like the concept, but they really are average when compared to all of the other Oklahoma State helmets.

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