Uniform Rumors – Camouflage?!

Written by Kyle Porter

The rumors started flying pell mell at some point late last week[1. It could have been longer ago, the pages of Orange Power are where searches go to die.] and only picked up steam until we arrived at what happened tonight.

Cowboys Ride For Free, an OSU blog[2. And a pretty good one at that.] at SB Nation posted that the camo uniforms were real and were going to be worn this Saturday against Texas (on national television no less).

This is the photo that was cited…

Screen shot 2012-09-25 at 11.33.49 PM

I checked around a little bit and have come to believe that these photos/drawings/prototypes are real and were (WERE) proposed by Nike to the OSU athletic department (and Gundy) at some point (I believe last season).

I’ve also been led to believe that they were shot down and never saw the light of day in terms of production. They were a brainstorm, an idea that never evolved into anything more.

I’m not sure why everything is coming to a head this week before the Texas game, or why CRFF is so convinced that we are wearing them, or why the Dallas Morning News(!) and Fox 25 in OKC are chasing the CRFF report.


It’s not true though, these will not be worn this weekend. Carson Cunningham echos this sentiment…

I’m pretty relieved this isn’t a real thing to tell you the truth. Those mock-ups look Nike executives lost a bet with Wal-Mart executives and the wager was that Wal-Mart got to design one college football uniform of their choice.

Should have chose OU, Scooter and Jack would have jumped all over the chance to FINALLY get a top to match all their hats and pants.

  • Andrew

    Question?… If these were proposed some time last season, why does the writing in the background on the sheet of paper with the helmet on it say 2012 Pro Combat Rivalry Helmet?

    • Kyle Porter

      Proposed last year for this season. Should have worded that better, my bad.

  • Andrew

    No worries. I was just curious. I wish the helmets were real at least. How we don’t have Orange helmets yet seems like a travesty.

  • I agree. The liquid organge helmets would be the bomb!!

  • billy joe


    • Crj

      Answer: Wu Tang Clan is not

  • Geoff

    I blame OrangePower.com. This is where all these stupid rumors begin. OSU should disassociate themselves from that embarrassment of a forum.

    • chas


    • BostonPoke

      Really, OP is the best and most active OSU forum out there. The mods over there do a pretty good job.

  • Camo = NOOOO
    Orange metallic helmet with middle black stripe (though on second glance it looks camo itself so just solid black please and thank you) and what appears to be black osu logo = YESSSSSS

  • I’m pretty pro crazy uniforms (I love Maryland’s last year) but these, ugh just the worst. Ever. I hope these rumors are indeed false.

  • on third glance over at CRFF, the helmets look incredibly sick except for the camo strip down the middle. Can’t we just get the helmets and a toned down pro combat uni.

  • Paul

    if practice is about repetition, when does changing/different contrasting colors become a distraction? Especially to the quarterback. Just asking.

  • Austin

    These weren’t proposed last year. There’s another picture that shows a close up of the sheet the jersey is on and right below the OSU logo on the left it says “When the Cowboys stormed through the big 12 in 2011 nobody saw it coming.” so while the rest of the stuff you said may be true, these were definitely proposed after the season.

  • Kyle

    I know for a fact that the team (at some point THIS season) will have all new unis and helmets. We are talking carbon fiber helmets much like Oregon wears. Some type of new uni or helmet combo will be worn this weekend against Texas. All of this has been told to me by several players an trainers.