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Vernand Morency responds to Sports Illustrated

Another former OSU player weighs in.



Vernand Morency posted this on Facebook about the Sports Illustrated’s 5-part series.

This, Andre Sexton’s post yesterday, Russell Okung’s Gottlieb Show appearance, and Josh Fields’ radio tour have been the four best things from former Oklahoma State players thus far.

I’ll let Morency take it from here…..

An Open Letter Regarding Sports Illustrated’s Allegations Against Oklahoma State

I would like to address the recent Sports Illustrated article that attempts to tarnish the reputation of Oklahoma State University’s athletic program. I am proud to represent such a high caliber program and was deeply saddened to read the allegations that my former teammates have made against OSU.

First and foremost, I am appalled that Sports Illustrated has accused both Darrent Williams and Vernon Grant of receiving money from coaches or boosters. These amazing men, may they rest in peace, are unable to defend themselves or the University for which they gave their blood, sweat and tears.

I was recruited by Coach DeForest. I consider him a mentor and I am honored to call him my friend. Never, under any circumstances, did I receive or witness Coach DeForest or any other coach or donor offer monetary gifts for on-field performances. I no longer respect the men who are making these allegations. I previously considered these men teammates and friends. It is my opinion that the people that have asserted these allegations are not credible. I would not be surprised if these individuals received payment from Sports Illustrated for providing what I consider to be false and defamatory information to the magazine. It seems they have a clear vendetta against OSU, did not graduate from the university, have a history of drug use, have been arrested and/or were dismissed from the team due to conduct inconsistent with the OSU brand.

During my time at OSU, I worked extremely hard and my efforts and dedication paid off. I find it interesting that I was never handed a “thick envelope” nor was I overpaid for doing menial tasks. However, those that spent much less time on the field than I allege receiving these incentives.
I do not recall ever seeing boosters in the locker room after games and I was certainly never handed cash for any of my performances.

While in college, I was falsely accused of something that I did not do. I am all too familiar with how the University officials and those associated with the football program are feeling at this particular time. I bleed orange and it hurts me all over again to have to listen to these allegations.

I do not put my name on anything that I do not believe in 100% and I believe these hurtful and defamatory allegations are an attempt to harm not only the athletic department, but the University as a whole. Oklahoma State is an outstanding university with an impressive Athletic Department and unparalleled leadership. I have no doubt that Mike Holder and Oklahoma State University will handle this situation with the dignity and class that is consistent with the Oklahoma State University brand.

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