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Video of OSU’s game-winning drive

A quick look at what changed on OSU’s game-winning drive.



What was the difference between OSU’s game-winning drive and the rest of its second half plays? That was a big question after Saturday’s game, especially given the fact that this drive (that ended around the four-minute mark in the fourth quarter) resulted in the first first down of the second half.

I think one thing that happens when you have a not-so-strong-armed QB like Walsh is that you don’t let him air it out at all because not turning it over is one of his strengths (I guess?) and, as a result, defenses key on the run (we’ve been talking about this) which just crushes your offensive production.

Watch how the only running play on this drive is opened up because OSU threw the ball downfield instead of those little 3-yard slants that make me search “defibrillator” on Amazon every time Walsh throws them.

There’s a rhythm to the drives OSU has been successful on in the air raid. You have to keep teams on their heels by using the pass to set up the run. I thought they were going to flip that this season and use the run to set up the pass but I’m not so sure that works in this kind offense (or it’s not working for them). The 3-yard slants don’t set up much of anything either.

You know what Walsh’s numbers are on seam routes over the middle (like the one to Tracy Moore above)? Neither do I but it feels like they’re something along the lines of 55-55 for 703 yards and 42 TDs.

Let him throw it.

Here’s what Gundy said about the offensive struggles:

“I really don’t have a clue. I wish I could give you a better explanation so it would sound better on the news tonight, but we need to become a better football team from the seven-yard line in. That’s a fact. As I mentioned earlier, at the end of the game the defense gave us plenty of opportunities to score touchdowns and maybe put the game out of reach against a team, who in our opinion may not be a great two-minute or a great throwing team. We needed to take advantage of that.”

Well, that’s a comforting thought as a fan.

So what about the last drive?

“Whoever flipped the switch, I wish they would’ve flipped it earlier. I don’t know what to say. It was very well executed. Guys made plays, and we also had some drops earlier in the game. We have to take better care of the football, and when the ball is thrown with the right air, we have to catch the dang football.”[1. Hi, Josh Stewart.]

I’ve read probably 90 percent of what has come out of Gundy’s mouth with a mic in front of him this year and I feel like the majority of what he said here is directed at Yurcich. The QB change is a moot point right now, it’s not happening, especially after this drive and probably shouldn’t.

The bottom line on OSU’s offense is that they need to let it go a little. Let it ride. Go deep, go deep over the middle, make teams respect the fact that you have speedy receivers and want to stretch the field (like they did on this drive).

If they don’t do this, I’m going to have some more Heart of Dallas Bowl tickets to give away this Christmas.

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