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Watch: Darrion Daniels Sings, Explains Musical Background



Oklahoma State defensive tackle Darrion Daniels is far from a one-trick pony. Not only does he stuff the run on Saturdays for the Cowboys in the heart of the defense, but he’s also got quite the talent as a singer.

Daniels sang and spoke about his ability to belt it out in a video released by OSU athletics, explaining that he comes from a musical background.

“I’ve got a very musical family. If you ever met my momma, she sings everything. Even if we were at a family event and we were getting ready to leave, she’d be like ‘Let’s go let’s go ?.’ She really is the main reason why I found out I could sing.”

Daniels said he was involved in show choir in high school where he really discovered his talents. Now, he says he just sings for fun. Check out the video below to hear Daniels and his vocals in action.


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