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Watch: Eric Striker Tells Anyone Who Will Listen ‘F*** This SEC S***’




Things got rowdy in Neyland last night after OU beat Tennessee in 2OT. First, a middle finger got flipped and Eric Striker went nuts in the end zone. Now, there’s audio of what Striker said apparently at a different time in the postgame celebration. I don’t know who he was talking to, but I don’t think it was OU fans as was reported about his first yelling session in the end zone.

Warning: this is NSFW. Do not turn the volume up if you’re at work (or around children).

Tennessee coach Butch Jones wasn’t impressed, according to ESPN.

“Zack got the pick, and I ran over there talking to our fans and saying, ‘Yeah, yeah,’ to all their fans, and [Jones] grabbed me and said, ‘Eric, you’re a helluva player, but have some damn class,'” he said.

“I just shrugged it off,” said Striker. “I didn’t say anything back, but I didn’t see what was so classless about that,” Striker said. “I was just passionate. I’m a passionate competitor. If we win, I’m going to stick my chest out a little bit. But I wasn’t trying to be classless. I was looking at their fans and our fans. I didn’t see anything wrong with it.”

I’m not sure he’s talking about the cursing session, but either way it’s not the greatest look ever.

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