WATCH: Marcus Smart Flips Off Home Crowd In Game 2 Against Bulls

Written by Sam Aldrich

Oh, Marcus.

Down 14 points in the 4th quarter of the Boston Celtics 111-97 loss to the Chicago Bulls, Marcus Smart appeared to flip off the home crowd and point at someone in particular after missing a three-pointer. Check it out.


Yikes. That’s not a good look for the former first-round pick of the Celtics who also appeared to put a finger to his lips after the incident. Smart didn’t comment on what happened or who the finger was directed at after the game.

Marcus, of course, had his share of memorable moments, both good and bad, while in Stillwater as well. Countless flops, the backflip at midcourt in Lawrence, and of course, most notably, shoving a fan in Lubbock at the end of a Cowboys’ loss to Texas Tech.

However, flipping off the home crowd is a new one, even for him. Smart actually played a solid game overall, tallying 13 points (on 6-11 shooting), 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks, but couldn’t save the Celts from falling behind 2-0 in the series.

The top-seeded Boston Celtics will now head to Chicago to try and save their season against the 8th-seeded Chicago Bulls.

  • go pokes!

    this kid has always been a punk…….feel bad to call him a cowboy……i also thought this after his shennanigans in college

    • AtownPoke

      That’s alittle much IMO, but have at it.

      • EdmondPoke

        Agreed here, pull back on the reigns a bit big dog

    • PonchoPete

      i bet you claim him when hes playing well!

      • go pokes!

        you are definetly mistaken, what good did smart bring to osu?

        • PonchoPete

          you cant be serious

  • common sense

    For whatever reason, Marcus never felt like an OSU Cowboy to me. I hope the best for him, but he doesn’t represent our culture. He might represent coach Ford though.

  • Good at Cruitin

    The crime here is that Ford let him run wild and didn’t reign him in.
    Imagine what Smart could have been if he had played for a disciplinarian like Eddie. Eddie would have yanked him for the horrible 3 pointers being launched – let alone going into the crowd or kicking/breaking the chair, the backflip, the flopping –
    A kid with his talent – if he would have actually received some coaching and discipline, sky would have been the limit

    • spokepokes

      If Brad Stevens can’t control him either not sure how well Eddie would have been able to. He seems like he can be a loose cannon when he lets him emotions get the best of him.

    • BBinKC

      I agree. He seemed like a great player & leader as a freshman. Then Ford basically allowed him to do anything and everything he wanted and the result was the flopping, horrible shot selection, constantly complaining to the refs (which the rest of the team fed off), and ultimately pushing a fan.

    • Forever 14

      Yes. I think he was better all around as a freshman. Better leader, better character, better player. Part of the regression as a sophomore might have been his frustration with the crappy team play which comes back to Ford again. One way or another, Ford’s impact on OSU basketball was bad in so many ways.

  • Saucy Takes

    Honestly who cares he shot his own fans the bird. not like he robbed a liquor store or belittled a parking ticket officer or punched a woman.

  • Hal

    I thought you nerds praised him as a god 3 years ago…now he’s not a cowboy. Interesting.

  • Pistols Fired!!

    MARkel was the star of that team… not MARcus!! jmho

  • David Einstein

    Act above, Marcus. Come on.