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Watch: Mike Gundy Explains Why Brian Bosworth Once Spit in his Face



Mike Gundy appeared in an episode of ESPN’s Highly Questionable on Monday afternoon.

The show, which he taped during his trip to Bristol, Conn. earlier this summer, features a segment of Gundy reminiscing of his high school and college days. From reflecting on his father’s antics as a disciplinarian, to explaining what he was like as a cocky high-schooler from Midwest City, Gundy brought out the anecdotes in droves. One particular story about former OU linebacker Brian Bosworth spitting in his face was a new one that piqued my interest.

Here’s the story in Gundy’s words.

Well, I think he was getting a little bit jealous of me. I was getting a little publicity—I was a true freshman quarterback, and people were starting to like me. Bosworth was a marketing genius, and he had all the pub. He had written my name on his shoes and was talking some trash — but that’s what he did, that was his persona — so he and I were jawing at each other a little bit, and I think he was at a loss for words. I think all he had left was spit.

Oh yeah, that’s rich.

Gundy also recalled a time where he pegged his younger brother Cale (now an assistant at Oklahoma) in a game of kickball, and how his dad reacted to Gundy tossing heat at his sibling.

In the neighborhood once, we were all playing kickball. We were throwing the ball hard at each other when they were running bases. He [Gundy’s dad] had mentioned to me not to throw the ball so hard at my younger brother. Of course, we got heated up and played a game and I drilled him. And then about 20 seconds later, I felt something in the middle of my back that felt like I’d been hit by a bus .. he had taken a basketball and drilled me in the back. So I went to my knees, and he said, “You know how that feels? That’s why I don’t want you to throw it hard at your brother.

Below is the entire episode of Highly Questionable from Monday if you want to re-watch.

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