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Watch: Scott Sutton Says OSU Opportunity ‘A Dream Come True’



Mike Boynton and Oklahoma State announced the hiring of OSU alum and longtime ORU head coach Scott Sutton on Sunday. Both parties released prepared statements when the news broke as a formality, but spoke more candidly to the media during an open practice the basketball team held in Tulsa shortly after the news broke.

“It’s a dream come true,” Sutton said. “If you had told me a few weeks ago this could be a possibility, I wouldn’t believe you. When Coach Boynton called me and this was a possible, this was a no-brainer.

“I love Oklahoma State and we love Stillwater, and I have so much confidence in Coach Boynton. He’s a sharp, sharp guy, and I think he’s got a bright future. I’m looking forward to doing everything I can to help him and to help our staff and players have the most success we can have.”

Head coach Mike Boynton shared a little inside baseball version of the path that led to him hiring Sutton (minus the part about his associate head coach being picked up by the FBI), and said he was thrilled to have him on staff in part because of his deep ties to the state of Oklahoma.

“Scott, first and foremost he’s a great person and tremendous basketball coach and he’s proven that over 18 years as a head coach,” said Boynton. “So we got to talking, he was excited about the possibility, had to work out a few details and here we are.

“He’ll be a quick learner, we start playing in less than 3 weeks now. Also his contacts and relationships here in the state and in our region, and obviously a bonus is his last name. It’s not the reason, but people love the name Sutton, and he represents the best of the best.”

Sutton might not have been a splashy hire for many programs across the country, but for Oklahoma State — a program with deep Sutton ties and his alma mater — this is Jared Lorenzen jumping off a 20-foot diving board and cannon-balling.

For a guy like Boynton with zero head coaching experience, what better way to start your tenure than by nabbing a veteran coach who comes with a little sentimental value for fans? Count me in as pro-Sutton hire.

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