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Wednesday’s Recruiting Run Underscores Importance of Wide Receiver in ’21 Class

Yowza this class is loaded with skill talent.



The 2021 recruiting class expanded by three on Wednesday in a span of hours after Oklahoma State added commitments first from receiver recruits Bryson and Blaine Green, and lastly from receiver Cam Smith (who is expected to play DB at OSU). The run of commitments — particularly the double-dip of twin talent at receiver — underscores just how important the position is in this recruiting cycle for Oklahoma State.

It’s not as if the position is without talent. (Kasey Dunn is still that dude, and will always be that dude.) Matt Polk, Rashod Owens and Brennan Presley are incoming freshmen.  Langston Anderson is entering his second season with the program.

But to keep the talent at a high level, this class will be vital because of what it loses. After this year, Tylan Wallace, Dillon Stoner and Landon Wolf will all be out of eligibility. Their losses are compounded by recent transfers of C.J. Moore and Pat McKaufman — making the 2021 class at receiver potentially as big as five to backfill spots.

OSU is nearly at the number already counting Wednesday’s haul alone (although, again, Smith is expected to play DB). Not counting Smith, OSU currently has three commitments at the position including the Greens and Jaden Bray, the Norman receiver who committed to OSU over the weekend. Fourth potentially on the list? In-state receiver Bryce Stephens, from John Marshall, is still on the radar.

It’s not unthinkable that OSU could take four or even five commitments at one position — it has done so in the past, most recently along the offensive line — but at receiver it’d be anomalous. The 2017 class consisted of four WR takes (Tylan, Tracin, Braydon Johnson and L.C. Greenwood) — but that was the biggest haul in a recruiting cycle this decade (tied with 2012) at that position and it came a cycle after OSU only took one receiver commitment.

Considering the expected outgoing production, there’s no debate that this overhaul is absolutely necessary. The class will be heavy on offensive lineman and at skill positions, namely receiver. But Wednesday’s haul helps serve as a reminder that the receiver class this cycle needs not only to be a big class — but also a successful one.

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