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Week 3 Uniform Review: Pokes Go Classic with a Great Twist



The Cowboys wore another uniform combination that we haven’t seen before, and it looked good. We’ve seen this helmet and pants combo with the black jersey and white jersey before, so it was something we had to see with the orange jersey as well.

This combo reminded me a lot of the homecoming throwback look from a season ago. If they would have worn the throwback socks with this – or a similar pair of socks but with stripes to match the helmet stripe – then I might consider it in the top 10. It’s just difficult to throw it in there when we know this helmet looks better with the black or white jersey.

Oklahoma State has worn white-orange-white almost every season. I like that they switched it up just enough so that we’re not seeing repeat combos more than we have to. I like being able to look at a photo of a unique uniform combo and thinking, “That’s the game where we forced seven turnovers.”

I think we all agree that this helmet is top tier, so to pair it with the orange top and white pants makes sense. We have three White-Orange-White uniforms now.[1. There’s potential for a fourth White-Orange-White with the Icy Pete helmet.]

The first white helmet with the orange OSU brand logo, the second with the Bronc Rider and orange stripe, and the third with the black OSU brand logo and black stripe. It’s difficult ranking these. I would take the helmet we wore Saturday over the other two, but I wouldn’t necessarily put that combo over the other two. There’s just enough orange in this helmet to make it work with the orange jersey and white pants, but the nitpicker in me likes the orange OSU logo a little better with those jersey and pants.

This is my favorite look so far this season, which is strange to me because when I initially saw the combo I didn’t like it that much. However, the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. This combo has a classic feel to it. I still believe the best is yet to come.

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