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Weekend Bullets: Gundy ‘likes OSU’s chemistry’

Tons on Chelf (even some on Walsh!), why the offense is coming together, and what Kingsbury had to say about the Pokes.




Gundy: “I really like how our guys play, I like their chemistry.” (Yahoo)

Berry wasn’t even close with this column on Saturday. But to be fair, none of us were, though I would argue Walsh is just as inaccurate on short passes. (NewsOK)

10 thoughts on the game. (PFB)

Why is Gus’ “get away from the cops” speed line not getting more pub? Can you imagine if he’d said it about Manziel or Jameis? (NewsOK)

The two faces of Chelf. (Tulsa World)

OSU is the first team to beat Tech three straight in Lubbock since Nebraska did it in 1994, 1996, and 2000. (Big 12 Sports)

This is the most Berry Tramel sentence ever (and I mean that in a good way): “I consider single wing tailbacks quarterbacks, but lots of people don’t.” (NewsOK)

Three turnovers forced in each of its last four games. Lavey: “We want to get the ball back to them, get some points and take away some of the momentum, especially in tough road games like this. We’ve been playing in front of some tough crowds.” (O’Colly)

I’m pretty sure it was 17 possessions but…wait is Jenni Carlson making advanced stats references? That’s fantastic. (NewsOK)

THIS is the OSU team that was picked to win the Big 12. (B/R)

I thought the passing game was better last night than we’re giving it credit for. Maybe that’s just because I love Chelf and hate Walsh, though. (Tulsa World)

Yurcich on Chelf: “His leadership out there, his overall game management, it’s nice to have that experience.” (NewsOK)

CBS predicts OSU will be No. 14 in the polls today. (CBS Sports)

I didn’t notice that Shamiel Gary was out for the second half. That’s a big loss when coupled with Peterson. Need both of those guys back for Baylor. Also, I love Spencer clicking onto the offensive side of the headset and telling Gundy and Yurcich to go for it. (NewsOK)

The Oklahoma State offense used the same starting lineup in consecutive weeks for the first time this season. Wow. (Okstate)

Let’s not go crazy here, Roland averaged 3.1 yards per carry on Saturday. That’s decent in this offense, not good, definitely not great. (O’Colly)

Roland: “We’re coming together as an offense.” (ESPN)

Photos from the game. (NewsOK)

Gundy: “Our defense was tremendous. They gave up some points but when you look at it at the end of the day they gave up 28 or 24 or something like that. They had 97 plays and that’s the style of offense you play when you come out here and play in Lubbock. That’s their style, which is high-risk, high-reward, (and) there’s going to be a lot of plays.” (Scout)

Derek Branson talking about his punt block here is hilarious. I thought “I ‘d better block this thing.” (NewsOK)

More photos from the game. (Flickr)

Ubben says OSU’s offense is back and Baylor’s Big 12 title goes through Stillwater. (Fox SW)

Kliff: “Lose the turnover battle and get outplayed on special teams against a really good team like that you’re going to have a hard time winning the game.” (ESPN)

This is what happens when you Thunder too hard. (Deadspin)

Lil’ Kliff was awesome. (Big Lead)

This Michigan State hits his friend during a game. (Big Lead)

A&M’s American flag helmet is tight. We couldn’t pull it off but they can. (CBS Sports)

I agree with this about Briles going to Texas. He’d be terrifying. The crazier part is that we’ve reached the point where a coach would legitimately consider not jumping from Baylor to Texas. (B/R)

Halloween power rankings. A PFB contributor got a shout. (Fox SW)

Bill Young is now the defensive quality control coach at Wyoming. Fill in you own jokes.. (Scout)

Highlights from last night.

Kliff, still suave. Said he never thought about going to his backup QB because OSU is “a good defense, a good team.” Also said the 67-yard run by Chelf was “a great playcall.” Yurcich can die in peace.

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