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Weekend Bullets: No starter named at QB

Is OSU a top 20 team (?), Rennie Childs is happening, highlights (mediumlights?) of Saturday’s game.



Are we the 18th best team in the country? Also, Tech and Baylor in the top 10. (CBS Sports)

Some great pics from yesterday’s game. Man Childs runs like a beast. (Flickr)

The problem with this statement on Gundy is that it isn’t true: Our thought process is the same on offense as it’s always been.We’ve just got different personnel. That’s the best way I can explain it. Same QBs as last year. Some interesting quotes in here though. (Big 12 Sports)

My 10 thoughts on the game. (PFB)

This is not a fun phrase to me: Clint Chelf made a case Saturday for why he should again be the starter, completing 10 of 25 passes for 178 yards with one interception. And we don’t have a starter again. (Fox SW)

Josh Stewart punt return dot gif. (CBS Sports)

You’re eight games removed from giving up like 439 points to OU and Baylor there, Gilbert. Might want to just focus on continuing to toss up zeros. (NewsOK)

Tenacity, grit, and TCU sucking on offense. (Tulsa World)

Rudolph was probably like “welp, I’ll be starting next year.” (Scout)

I said out loud: “Rennie Childs was our leading rusher?!” (NewsOK)

Good point here by Morris: OSU threw the ball down the field a lot and didn’t really throw any screens. (NewsOK)

OSU is losing at ISU and Tech, right? (Fox SW)

Shamiel Gary calls Josh Stewart Mighty Mouse. (Tulsa World)

Gundy said Walsh’s second pick was the reason he yanked him. (Scout)

Yurcich on playing both QBs: That’s a possibility. (ESPN)

Look at the number of times Chelf threw at Stewart compared to how many times Walsh threw at Stewart. (NewsOK)

Ubben wonders at what point Gundy starts taking a look at Yurcich. (Fox SW)

Interesting article on a bunch of people weighing in on Justin Blackmon’s struggles. (NewsOK)

This Rennie Childs thing is going to happen, isn’t it? (Scout)

Yesterday’s box score infographic is not pretty. (PFB)

Tailback U may soon be taking enrollment. (O’Colly)

Spin city. (Scout)

This was before yesterday by Berry on Walsh but it’s still a good read. (NewsOK)

The Walsh comment to Stewart after his catch on that Charlie Moore throw is pretty great. (NewsOK)

More pics from the game. (NewsOK)

All the highlights.

Yesterday’s hero.

The line between GOAT and goat is thin….

Pretty great day yesterday.

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