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Weight Changes on the Horizon for OSU Wrestling

Jacobe Smith, Dakota Geer, and possibly Joe Smith all to drop



John Smith gave his thoughts on the lineup for the upper weights on Friday after the dual and changes are on the way in the upper weights.

“I visited with the media on Tuesday and really I was thinking one way,” Smith said. “By the time we got to Friday I’m thinking differently now. We will make the move for Dakota Geer to move down to 84, and Jacobe Smith down to 174, and somebody’s gonna have to fight it out at 65 or 74.”

It’s pretty clear. With Preston Weigel returning to 197, Geer will move to 184, Jacobe Smith will move to 174, and Joe Smith will either go down to 165 to wrestle off with Chandler Rogers or wrestle off with Jacobe at 174.

The interesting thing now is who will come out on top in the battle to start. We almost saw a matchup between Joe Smith and Jacobe Smith at Reno, but it ultimately did not happen. On the surface, with Jacobe bumping up to 184, it looks like Joe was the one that had the edge in the room.

if Joe goes to 165 then he and Chandler would, of course, battle it out to start, but how does Joe handle the weight cut?

It will be really interesting to see how this one plays out and who wins the job at what weight. Unfortunately, unless Coach Smith puts the information out there — which he may as he’s usually pretty straight forward with the media — we may not know a ton until the Big 12 tournament.

The weight descent rules do allow wrestlers to come in at any weight for the postseason, regardless of where they’ve wrestled throughout the season. So Joe Smith’s first match at 165 could happen at the Big 12 tournament. But we could see any number of combinations depending on if Joe can get down and who wins the starting battles.

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