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Welcome a new recruiting contributor to PFB

Yes, recruiting, we’ll be covering it more in the future.



Pistols Firing has never been an elite stop for recruiting information but Kenzie Kepple had done a great job for the last six months providing updates and info.

I really appreciate his efforts in keeping you guys informed but he’s moved on to another school and another contributor is stepping in to take his place.

His name is Kyle Boone (this sounds like a name I would make up if I was fake covering recruiting, I realize this and I don’t know what else to tell you other than it’s not me and neither is Nate In The Comments).

I’ll let Kyle introduce himself:


I will be providing basketball and football recruiting updates. I will keep you up todate on who’s being offered, who’s interested in OSU, and any planned visits recruits are making.

Kyle asked me for some answers to the following questions. Here they are…

Favorite OSU memories

1A. Weeden to Blackmon.
1B. Storming the court after beating Kansas at GIA.

What I’m looking forward to this season


Least favorite OSU memory

Bedlam 2013. Couldn’t feel my feet (like most), and I already had a hotel reservation outside Glendale for the Fiesta Bowl. Bummer.

You can follow him on Twitter here:

I constantly waffle about recruiting but I think it can be covered in the right way and I think Kyle does a great job with it. I hope you enjoy his work in the future.

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