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What Are the Ceilings for Oklahoma State’s Incoming Basketball Recruits?



Oklahoma State has two incoming high school recruits (and potentially more soon) for the 2018 class. As things stand now, both are incoming forwards with potential and upside as valuable contributors at the highest level.

So what are their ceilings? Let’s take a look at Yor Anei and Duncan Demuth’s game.

Duncan Demuth

Player comp: Mitch Solomon
Size: 6-8, 215-pounds
Position: Forward

About his game: Duncan Demuth is your ideal stretch big man whose offensive game should be highly translatable to the next level. His player comp to me is Mitch Solomon, but I think his ceiling is a bit higher than that.

Solomon’s outside game never translated (if only because he never had a chance to develop it), but Demuth’s got a smooth stroke from the 3-point line, plays really aggressively, and has a type of swagger that I think maybe sets him apart from the Solomon comp.

I think Demuth will need to put on some pounds to his lanky frame to avoid being pushed around in the paint, should he play down low in some sets for Boynton, but he could potentially give OSU an unofficial fourth guard as a small forward in small ball lineups.

He has the capability and ball-handling skills to potentially play either forward spot.



Yor Anei

Player comp: Moses Brown
Size: 6-9, 205-pounds
Position: Power forward

About his game: Call him The Dyson because Yor Anei cleans up everything around the rim! (I’m sorry, I’ll see myself out). But really, Anei’s game is fantastic. He’s a physical 6-foot-9 big man who finishes with a high level of consistency around the rim, and has really proven himself to be a nice shot blocker in the paint, too.

His game reminds me A LOT of five-star Class of 2018 center Moses Brown, a UCLA commit who many believe could be a one-and-done first-rounder.

Anei’s game is far from polished, and I think his lack of athleticism will hurt him early in his career. But he’s got the body and frame to at least be serviceable on defense, and his talent and nose for the ball around the rim is encouraging. He could be the ying to Yankuba Sima’s yang sooner than many think.


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