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What Channel Is the Game On: Oklahoma State-Kansas State

How to watch, stream and listen to the Oklahoma State-Kansas State game.



Somebody the other day had a really good suggestion.

As this blog has evolved into more of a website than an in-your-mom’s-basement operation, the need for more functional features has grown. I’ve added a writer, thrown in the forums and so on. One thing I’ve done a bad job of is schedules, TV, game times etc. I honestly just never really thought about it.

We get asked, “how can I watch the OSU game?” and “what channel is this on?” all the time so here you go. Here’s what channel the OSU-Kansas State game is on and how you can stream it, watch it on TV and basically do everything but play in it.

Also, I’ve added a season schedule which you can also access at the top of the page.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 1.02.39 PM


3 p.m. CST

FS1 Suddenlink Cox DirecTV Dish U-Verse
Stillwater 505  – 219 150 652
OKC  – 67/728 219 150 1652
Tulsa  – 1312 219 150 1652

Broadcast team: Justin Kutcher | Steve Hutchinson | Bruce Feldman


Fox Sports Go


Cowboy Radio Network
Sirius (199)
XM (200)

So there you go. Hope it’s helpful.

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