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What Records Could Fall for Oklahoma State in 2015?



It’s not going to be 2011 all over again, but that doesn’t mean OSU won’t set any new records this season. Here’s a look at some of the single game, single season and career marks that could be taken down in 2015.

Single game

Kickoff return yards by team (228): This one has been set twice in the last seven years. OSU had 228 yards exactly against OU in both 2008 and 2010. That doesn’t feel like that high of a number.

Rushing yards by individual (332): I’m surprised this isn’t higher. When you have Central Arkansas on the schedule and a new monster running back who needs reps, anything is in play.

Most tackles for loss by individual (5.5): Emmanuel Ogbah set this mark last season. Could he (or Jimmy Bean) break it this time around?

I say yes.

Single season

Passes broken up by team (83): Last year with an immature defense, OSU put up 61 passes defended. Does anyone think this number isn’t going up in 2015?

Best turnover margin by team (+21): With how badly this went last season, the pendulum could swing violently in the other direction. Especially with a QB who might not totally have access to the entire playbook yet.

Touchdowns scored by individual (44): LOL, just kidding.

Tackles for loss by individual (21.5): Emmanuel Ogbah had 17 last season. He’ll likely be double-teamed too often to take this one, but it’s at least feasible.

Tackles for loss by team (112): OSU had 97 last season and it wasn’t even that good.


Completion percentage (69.5): Obviously Mason Rudolph has a lot of football left, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he jumped onto this list this season. The top 10 spans from 69.5 percent to 53.3 percent with a minimum of 200 attempts. Rudolph averaged 57 percent on 86 attempts last year. That would be the sixth-best mark ever.

There’s really not much OSU players have a chance of breaking when it comes to career records. Ogbah would need a 20-sack season (LOL) to touch the sacks record, though he should end up in the top 10 all-time (No. 10 has 16 and Ogbah has 14).

This is a team without a ton of seniors which means unless David Glidden has a 200-reception season, most of OSU’s records will stay intact in 2015.


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