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Where Are They Now: Ramon Richards, a ‘Life Changer’

‘I change lives for a living.’



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There was a list of labels Ramon Richards could have given himself, but he instead wanted to be known by only one title: a life changer.

Richards started 35 games for Oklahoma State between 2014-17, beginning his career as a cornerback before converting to safety as a senior. He finished his OSU career with 10 interceptions, the most famous being a game-sealing pick in overtime to beat Texas in Austin.

Off the field is where Richards became a fan favorite during his time in Stillwater, though, from weekly shows during the season, to even dropping a mixtape before graduating. His smile seemed to be everywhere around campus even before Ollie Gordon’s. And six years after graduating from OSU, Ramon is still Ramon.

Since leaving Stillwater, Richards completed a short professional career with stops in the NFL and CFL, and he has since started a new endeavor that includes public speaking, personal training and hosting free sports camps around the world. He also plans to start a podcast soon. He even has an app.

“I gotta sum this up,” Richards told PFB. “I’m gonna try to keep it short. I do everything. I tell people what I do for a living now is I’m a life changer. I change lives for a living. …

“If you love to do it and you’re really good at it, then that’s what your purpose is. I’m just a contagious person. And I love what I do. I’m not just restricted to speaking or athletes and whatnot, whatever I find myself good at, and I can do that and change some lives, I’ll do it.”

After OSU, Richards competed for a spot on the Los Angeles Rams’ roster for almost three years as a cornerback. The stint included recording an interception against his home state Houston Texans and being part of a Super Bowl team as a rookie in 2019.

“My football career was amazing,” Richards said, “but this next phase of my life is gonna be 100 times more amazing.”

Even before Richards retired from football and was still in the midst of trying to secure a roster spot, he was filling up journals. He was planning for what was next and he already knew what that entailed. He filled journals up with ideas and business models.

“It was a seamless transition,” Richards said.

Richards went back home to San Antonio and started speaking to local high schools and middle schools, not only trying to inspire but also gain practice before speaking on larger stages. There are even news stories of him showing up to those motivational speeches with a car full of brand new Nike cleats for entire football teams to grab students’ attentions and encourage even more.

Those outings eventually led to sharing with the OSU football team this past spring, and he plans to be more involved with the program in the future. Richards also, 10 years after graduating from the same high school, gave the commencement speech for Brackenridge High School’s graduation just a few weeks ago.

“Speaking is a great tool,” Richards said. “If you know how to communicate a message and a story, I can use my speaking ability to change some lives. Speaking is just one way I change lives here in the world.”

Eventually Richards’ physical capabilities and knowhow combined with his gift of gab. He launched R7 Sports Performance, a business that provides private training to athletes and free sports camps for youth around the world. Richards has hosted free camps across the United States, as well as Switzerland, Germany, Mexico and Canada.

“I’m helping these kids recreate their identities, who they want to be and I let them choose who they want to be,” Richards said. “I play a role in helping them accomplish whatever their goals are.”

While juggling the job of changing lives that includes travel, public speaking, personal training sessions, hosting camps and running a business, Richards is also now in charge of a life after having his first daughter just over a month ago. But, again, another life to change.

“I want to become a 1-percenter in the world as a man — physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually — and I’m gonna show my daughter what a man is supposed to look like,” Richards said. “How he’s supposed to walk, talk, feel, be, everything in between. I’m gonna show my daughter what the top 1% of an individual should look like, that way when she gets older she never accepts anything less. …

“Through that I’m gonna share that message with the world and look to inspire not only men, but women as well. Anyone who wants to become a 1-percenter. Follow my journey and we’ll do this thing together.”

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