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Who QB Recruit Garret Rangel is, in the Words of His OSU-Committed Teammate

OSU is chasing a multi-talented QB.



An interesting dynamic is unfolding for Oklahoma State in the recruiting realm. It has landed a commitment from Lone Star Frisco tailback Jaden Nixon, a key addition for the 2021 class. Now OSU has its sights set on his younger teammate: QB Garret Rangel.

This is no package deal, to be clear. Not a get one to get the other proposition. Nixon was a priority in 2021. Rangel is a priority in 2022. It just so happens that OSU could theoretically leverage Nixon to help land Rangel.

And hey, why wouldn’t they?

Rangel is a national recruit OSU has smartly gotten in on early. It appears OSU may not take a quarterback in the 2021 cycle, which makes him even more of a focus. So I asked Nixon this week: Who is this Garret Rangel cat?

“Man, let me tell you,” Nixon said, winding up an incredible response before shedding insight on the player and the person OSU is pursuing. “He can definitely just sling it. If you’re coming out of a break, he puts the ball right there on you. When he’s into it, he’s on point.

“Off the field he’s a good guy. He’s very talented in many different aspects of life. He plays the piano. He’s just gifted in so many areas besides football. His grades are phenomenal. On and off the field he’s a great guy. He’s definitely a leader. Someone people look up to. He’d be a great addition for Oklahoma State.”

Nixon says he has taken a hands-off approach to Rangel — he wants his quarterback to go through the recruiting process and find the best situation for him — but if Rangel asks, Nixon intends to pump up the Pokes. But for now, he’s Rangel’s backfield mate — and personal hype man.

“I look forward to seeing what he can do the next two years,” Nixon said. “He cares about his teammates so much, he looks out for everybody. He’s a team player. I love playing with that dude. People love being around him, both on and off the field.”

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