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Why I’m buying stock in Mike Yurcich

And you should as well.



I’m buying stock in Mike Yurcich because of four little stats.

Earlier today we looked at how explosive and efficient Oklahoma State has been on offense over the last five years. Because points per drive stats aren’t at our fingertips anymore (unfortunately) it seems as if points per play is going to be our next best indicator of what makes a good offense.

OSU’s has been, as I pointed out, incredible over the last five seasons. Last year it dipped a tad but not significantly. Also, how about a look at the offense for the first six games vs. the last seven:

First six (thru TCU): 0.47 points per play
Last seven (thru bowl): 0.55 points per play[1. Exactly the number it’s been on for the last five years.]

Yurcich got more comfortable as the year wore on (he also inserted a quarterback who could deliver downfield passes without exerting all of his physical energy) and it showed.

So that’s one stat, but what about the other three? Well they’re all related to what the Shippensburg University offense did under Yurcich’s tutelage (and the year before he arrived):

2010 (before Yurcich): 0.38 points per play
2011 (Yurcich 1st year): 0.46 points per play
2012: (Yurcich 2nd year): 0.59 points per play

Again, theses stats aren’t perfect (I’d rather have points per drive but the likelihood of a D3 school keeping points per drive stats is about as high as me breaking par at Karsten Creek) but I do think they tell a story.

Yurcich took an average to below average offense at Ship’ and transformed it into something special in just his second year.

Plus it’s not like OSU went 8-5 last season. It was a few seconds from playing in the Fiesta Bowl and a second Big 12 title in three years.

Yes, Yurcich and Co. need to be better this season but I’m confident that they will be.

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