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Why is Jordan Spieth Talking About Dez Bryant and Brandon Weeden?



On Tuesday at the Barclays in New Jersey, Jordan Spieth was asked about his affiliation with the Dallas Cowboys and uber-fandom.

“Yeah, really cool,” said Spieth. “I don’t remember their Super Bowl wins. I think their last one, I was two.”

We’re all so old.

“So unfortunately there’s been some rough times growing up, but stuck with them and had some good years recently. Looking for a really good year this year.

And to get to know some of the guys — Tony got to inviting me to dinners. I went to, it was kind of a weekly thing. I would go with he, Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray when he was still in Dallas, and Brandon Weeden and then a couple other guys.

“Boy, it was a really good time getting to know those guys when I root so passionately for them on Sundays. It was kind of a slap-yourself moment that these guys want to meet me, too. It’s an awesome experience. If they didn’t, they played it off like they did. Made me feel good.”

I wonder how many strokes Weeden gets a side.

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