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Will Tatum Bell be the first to take legal action?

Is this how this all ends?



Tatum Bell has become a prominent figure in this story and he said on Thursday that he might take legal action against Sports Illustrated.

Bell spoke to News6 and said he just wants to keep his name clean. Here’s an excerpt from the post on News6:

Now, he said he plans to take legal action against the magazine.

“I’m a high school football coach, I need to keep my name clean. I got a good reputation with the school, I want to keep my relationship with them, so this is definitely slander to my name,” Bell said.

Sports Illustrated claims to have recorded all of the interviews, but the magazine told us Thursday night it has no plans of releasing those tapes. A member of the magazine’s media department said that the magazine stands by its reporting.

No tapes, eh?

I didn’t expect anything different but those tapes end up in court if Bell (and others go there).

Bell confirmed what he said here via Twitter and even insinuated that OSU was going to roll on SI as well.

Can’t wait to see how this ends in 2059 when Tatum has great grandkids.

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