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Win over pretty average team causes West Virginians to go berserk

Insanity in Morgantown on Saturday night.



Is OSU a couch-burning-team? At No. 11, maybe — actually, maybe everyone is when playing in Morgantown — but I was unaware that they were also a fire-starting-car-flipping-worthy opponent until today.

According to this AP report, the party lasted long into the night and it involved arson and a car being flipped.

Media outlets report that the fires occurred Saturday night and early Sunday morning. All were extinguished without incident and there were no injuries.

That’s not all though.

Morgantown Fire Marshal Capt. Ken Tennant says one person was cited for malicious burning.

No reports have surfaced about whether or not Justin Gilbert was guarding the person cited for malicious burning.

Also, here are some insane videos of students trying to flip the car and general carousing in Morgantown. I can’t see Dana or DeFo but you know they’re in there somewhere. (NSFW language)

This whole thing is about as West Virginia as it gets…other than this:

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