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Wisconsin man has #HOTSPORTSTAKE on OSU

This is a problem if you’re an OSU fan — people nationally are not going to dig into the story.



This is going to be a problem.

I laughed my way this post by “Wisconsin’s Sports Talk Leader” Bill Michaels.

He suggests the death penalty for OSU, that none of its administration or coaches should ever work again. Hey, here’s an excerpt:

Those who are within the program will suffer the wrath of the NCAA.  The coaches, Les Miles (now with LSU) and current OSU head coach Mike Gundy, can move on and find work almost anywhere. Yes their reputations are somewhat tarnished but a year or so removed from the situation, they are as good as new elsewhere.

All eyes are now on the NCAA, remembering the Miami investigation, I can only say “Don’t screw this one up!”

The problem is that he wrote about it on Tuesday — after Part 1 — but implied that he’d already seen the whole thing. Now unless “Wisconsin’s Sports Talk Leader” Bill Michaels has insiders at Sports Illustrated that I’m just totally unaware of then you see the larger issue here.

People aren’t, you know, going to read the articles. And if you think they read the articles they sure aren’t going to read a detailed breakdown by me or anyone else or follow up in six months (or 60 months) when all this is over.

So for all intents and purposes — Thayer Evans’ work is done here. Whatever comes of this — whether it fizzles out or ends in court — if his goal was to tackle Oklahoma State, he’s already succeeded to a large degree.

Now I wrote yesterday that I’m not sure as many people care as Sports Illustrated originally thought but the ones that do will likely join Mr. Hotsportstake Wisconsin and remember OSU for this scandal and this scandal alone.

For shame.

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