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Would You Rather: Mason Rudolph/Chuba Hubbard or Brandon Weeden/Justice Hill

Marshall gets teamed up on for 29 minutes.



We decided to try a bit of a new format on our round-table discussions in the form of “Would you rather” questions.

I believe one point to the change was to keep them a little shorter. We did not complete that task with this one.

Scott: Would you rather have a backfield of Mason Rudolph and Chuba Hubbard or Brandon Weeden and Justice Hill?

Boone: I’m taking Brandon Weeden with anyone — Desmond Roland, Rennie Childs, Jeff Carr. So if I’m getting Justice Hill with him it’s kind of a no-brainer for me.

I don’t think you can go wrong with Rudolph, considering how consistently good he was. And Chuba is obviously the better back of the two options. But Weeden has the rang and Rudy don’t.

Scott: I’m, though some consider it controversial, in the Rudolph > Weeden camp, so to me this prompt is an easy Rudy/Chuba.

But I know how some feel out Weeden.

Porter: Weeden and Hill. It’s not really that close. Hill has become underrated because of how his career ended, and Chuba is definitely better but the gap is not as wide as the gap between how good Weeden was and how good Rudolph was.

Cox: I don’t know that I’d take Weeden with anyone, but yes I’ll take Weeden — Hill. It’s a little closer for me.

I think the difference in Rudy and Weeden is slightly greater than that between Chuba and Justice.

That being said, I would be really curious to see what it would look like if you swapped Rudy and Weed. Give Rudy that OL and arsenal and he prob beats OU twice.

Boone: Yeah I think that sums up my thoughts as well. There’s also a confidence factor I had with Weeden that I never felt with Rudolph. I just always felt like OSU was going to win with him.

Porter: This is a great question.

Scott: More touchdowns and fewer interceptions with a worse line!

Porter: Yes @boone! I think Weeden gets a little dinged because of how his NFL career went, but there’s no deficit that felt insurmountable with Weeden flinging it around.

The real question here is Weeden and Chuba or Tom Brady and Jim Brown?

Boone: Which I agree with, but Rudolph was also the king of the comeback during his career. Like every other week OSU would trail by two scores and end up winning.

Cox: What if Gundy tried to win in 2015? Rudy would have two Bedlam wins…

Scott: I was freezing in the stands at 2015 Bedlam, and there was no way in pooh OSU was going to when that game.

Porter: Yeah, I don’t think 2015 is what you’re thinking of @cox. That was the JW game.

Cox: ahhh. yep. The rainy game in 2016 then?

I’m getting old.

Scott: That 2016 game was winnable, but why throw when run?

Porter: 16 was “winnable” — 17 was definitely winnable.

Cox: Yeah, yeah. Rudy played one series in 2015. My bad.

Boone: So all things being equal — same offensive line, same skill weapons, same defense — which QB you taking? I feel like the only answer is Weedz.

Porter17 was the all-timer. Justice was the best player on the field! Weeden and Justice is the only answer here!

Scott: 2017 Rudolph — 37 touchdowns/9 INTs
2011 Weeden — 37 touchdowns/13 INTs

Weeden just had the better team.

Boone: 2017 was sick. Maybe best game I’ve seen in person.

Cox: So we started by saying Weeden is much better than Rudolph and now am I’m talking myself into “Rudy should have won three Bedlams and two Big 12 titles.”

Scott: Was he supposed to block for himself and play corner?!

Porter: Listen @scott, I know what I watched. You might not have been old enough to be allowed to watch television in 2011, but there are no numbers that can explain how Weeden being better than Rudolph. He just was.

It’s like saying well Harden averages 36 a game so he must have been better than Kobe and MJ. Wrong!


Cox: Ageism complaint pending.

Scott: I was plenty old enough to watch a 34-year-old college kid stand back in the pocket untouched and throw to the greatest receiver to ever play college football.

OK, what about this: Rudy/Blackmon or Weeden/James?



Porter: Now we’re talking!

Boone: I’m planted firmly in the Weeden camp, but Rudy has a decent statistical case. Weeden had a higher completion percentage, but Rudy threw downfield more. Which to me says a lot about how often Blackmon just housed quick slants.

Scott: I again am taking Rudy.

Cox: Dana/Todd > Yurcich. It feels like 2015 again. Simpler times.

Porter: I would take James and Weeden. I can’t quit Weeden!


Boone: Air yards per attempt for Weeden in 2011: 8.6 (8.7 for his career)

Air yards per attempt for Rudy in 2017: 10.7 (9.9 for his career)

Porter: I think a tough one for me would be Weeden, Justice and James vs. Rudolph, Chuba and Blackmon. I would just curl up in the fetal position and make one of my kids pick.

Cox: For fairness make it Rudy, Randle, Blackmon.


Boone: I’m taking Weeden. Based on that air yards stat, Blackmon did a lot of his work in shorter area targets. And if Rudy is the one throwing the ball to him in short area/across the seam routes, I’m all the way out.

Cox: I might take R, R, B.

Scott: This should stop anytime Blackmon is put into the scenario. Rudy/Blackmon is the pick there.

Porter: Blackmon was great because Weeden made him great don’t at me.

Scott: I’m throwing my laptop off the balcony.

Porter: I know that’s not true, but I want to see Marshall’s response.

There it is.

Boone: Hahahaha.



Two minutes of silence

Never mind, I’m back. In 2016 and 2017, Rudy was sacked 56 times. In 2010 and 2011, Weeden was sacked 22 times.

Porter: Get rid of the ball.

Boone: You’re proving our point. He was too indecisive and flat-footed.

Scott: 34 times he held on the ball too long? Thirty-four times?

Boone: Weeden had get-away-from-the-cops speed.

Porter: Hate to see it!

Cox: TBH, I was making all these points in Rudolph’s favor his entire career.

Porter: The point here is not that Rudolph wasn’t great. He was. Definitely the second best QB in school history. It’s just that Weeden was transcendent on even better teams. The 2015-17 OSU teams would have been better with Weeden on them. Not sure Rudolph goes 23-3 in his career on those 2010-11 teams.

Boone: I think we would all view him differently had he won a conference title.

Which probably isn’t fair but is definitely true for me.

Cox: In 2014, Zac Veatch started on the OL. They forced-fed a halfback because they needed linemen.

Scott: Weeden was a great quarterback. He led the best team in modern history at OSU, but give me the prototype that is Mason “Rudy” Rudolph.

Porter: Does Rudolph close K-State in 2011 or rally against A&M? The reason the entire thing is actually a good debate is because Rudolph was really, really good.

Scott: Rudy boat races those teams with Justin Blackmon and that O-line. No comeback needed.

Boone: Rudy had some good teams but regularly played catch-up and wasn’t always clutch. There was just an “it” about Weeden where everyone just knew he was going to pull it out.

Porter: What exactly was Rudolph’s best win?

Scott: TCU that one year, probably.

Cox: 2015 TCU

Or Bedlam I guess.

Porter: Yeah, that’s right. That was a great one. I retract my semi-passive-aggressive question.

Scott: Even 2017 where Rudy gets slammed for losing that K-State game, OSU scored 40 points and he got sacked four times. He also put 52 on OU that year.

And got sacked three times.

And the TCU loss came because for some reason Jalen McCleskey was throwing passes.

Porter: [whispers] Weeden wouldn’t have missed Tyron in 2017 for the win.

Scott: HE PUT UP 52 POINTS!!!

Boone: There it is. And I agree. Rudolph held the Bedlam knife and couldn’t dagger it.

Scott: That 2011 defense wouldn’t have gotten 62 hung on it.

Porter: For sure. We’re arguing about two greats here! I’m not saying Rudolph sucks. Just that Weeden was better.

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