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WYR: Weeden or Luck?



Brandon Weeden or Andrew Luck?

It’s a legitimate debate: the bruising nerd with Tim Duncan-like consistency and an insurance premium 100x my salary or the wily cannon-armed golfer with the prettiest deep ball in college football since Chris Leak?

Here’s the thing, and this is why it’s such a juicy debate, in a lot of way they’re the same quarterback. Yes, Weeden takes more chances and Luck is a better runner and so on, but what I mean is that you could swap them out for this season and the effect (negative or positive) on each team would probably be minimal, like one game either way at most.

In light of this, I think it’s pretty interesting that Luck is an over-the-top “get Tom Rinaldi and his piano player on the phone to dig some stuff up” lock to win the Heisman this year and Weeden is…the second or third best QB in his conference depending on who you ask. The “perception is reality” mantra is never as clear as when tens of thousands of media personalities (including yours truly) shine whatever light they want on college athletics.

Given this, I think I probably take Weeden because it seems like he has more to prove, even though he really doesn’t in reality.

Their stats from last year:

Yards: 3338 Completion: 70% TD: 32 INT: 8
Yards: 4277 Completion: 67% TD: 34 INT: 14

Basically the same right? And Luck was on the precipice of knocking Mr. Newton off his perch as college football’s golden boy at the Heisman presentation in December while Weeden was probably putting into frosted glass cups on his living room floor.

Give me the gunslinger.

Oklahoma State WCWS title or CWS appearance?

Q and I have talked ad nauseam about the million reasons college baseball doesn’t work, but I’ll give you one reason it does: Omaha.

I made the argument after Butler got beat in the Final Four this year that in twenty years it wouldn’t matter if they’d gone back-to-back over Duke and UConn or lost in both title games by 100. The point is, that for those fifteen guys (or however many they carried) they took two month-long rides that most people only have dreams about.

College sports, to me, isn’t about winning titles (gasp, I know!) or hanging banners, though both are nice, it’s about hanging out with your friends years later and remembering moments and games and journeys you took together as players and fans.

It’s weird in that way because validation often doesn’t come with public acceptance but rather with critical acclaim, when nobody else is watching but me, you, a few of our friends, and Rece Davis (only because he has to).

Anyway, we’re getting off track, but you see my point. And given my feelings I have to say I’d rather have the CWS appearance than the WCWS title. That isn’t some inter-gender bombshell I’m dropping or anything like that, just that the mystique of a trip to Omaha is so much greater than the same trip to…Oklahoma City for the Women’s CWS is held. Even if it involves a title.

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