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You Have to Watch the Awesome Moment Jackson Holliday is Selected No. 1 Overall by the Baltimore Orioles

So great.




What’s it like to be selected No. 1 overall in the MLB Draft?

We got an inside look at that answer on Sunday thanks to cameras located inside the home of Jackson Holliday, an OSU baseball signee, and let me tell ya: it’s spectacular. Maybe even better than you’d imagine. The reaction from Jackson’s brother is alone worth the price of admission.

So much goodness. So wholesome. The reaction from his dad, Matt Holliday, is priceless and full of joy. Then there’s the stunned brother. The giddy girlfriend. And then of course there’s Jackson, Mr. Calm, Cool and Collected, who you can see in real-time going from an average teenager to a multi-millionaire. So awesome. The entire couch is just a glass case of emotions!

Then of course there’s the other side of this screen: the call from Baltimore. A bit anticlimactic — it feels like Jackson knew it was done before the deal, I think — but afterwards Jackson said it took him a bit to catch on to what was happening.

“I kind of found out as they were saying it,” Holliday said via ESPN of learning he would be the first player drafted. “That was really cool. My dad didn’t really tell me. He was kinda on the phone, and then he’s like, ‘All right, you’re just gonna find out.’ That was really, really neat and something that I’ll probably never forget. I didn’t know it was a possibility, to be honest, going into the high school season. I just wanted to help my team win and hopefully put myself in a good position heading into today.”

Can’t get enough of these types of calls. And it’s pretty telling that Baltimore seems way thrilled about getting Jackson.

“The upside for him is enormous,” Orioles GM Mike Elias said of Jackson. “It’s a potential star playing shortstop, batting in the middle of the order, doing so for a very long time. In some regard, I don’t know that the ceiling gets much higher than somebody with that profile.”

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