You may like Travis Ford but it’s time for him to go

Written by Kyle Porter
Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

This is not a “Travis Ford is a wasteland of coaching ineptitude” piece. If you’re looking for that then you should meander on over to a message board post or Facebook or somewhere else besides this place.

This is, however, a piece about excellence and what it means and who we want to be as a school. It’s a piece about the past and about the future and a piece that’s not very fun to write but absolutely must be written.

I think Travis Ford gives a crap about his job which is more than you can say about a lot of people at their jobs these days. In fact, he cares more and spends more time on his craft than, I would guess, pretty much everyone reading this post (including myself).

The amount of money he makes doesn’t mean he should care more or less but it does set some groundwork for what success should be within the context of his industry.

First, let’s start with three parameters a fan base must draw around its coach.

1. How many years are an acceptable testing ground for a coach?
2. What is success defined by at a given school and has the coach lived up to that?
3. What is the opportunity cost of keeping a coach or letting him go?

The first question is probably the easiest to answer. I tend to fall on the more conservative side of these things. I think five years is a minimum for building something resembling a good program. The college landscape as a whole might disagree — Auburn just fired its coach after four and Virginia Tech after two (Two! Virginia Tech!) — but five plus seems fair.

Ford has had six and he has had good teams but he has hardly built a good program — the fact that losing a guy who averaged five points and five rebounds a game was the primary reason propped up by the program for why our season fell apart is evidence of that.

The second parameter is tougher to define but maybe easier to answer in regards to Ford. What is success in college hoops?

Conference titles plus early tournament exits will put you under the gun quicker than you can say “it took Bill Self awhile” but is that fair? Deep runs in March coupled with poor conference play seems like you’re playing with fire, scarecrow.

But by what measure, exactly, has Ford been successful?

Conference play? Five No. 7 seeds (or worse) in the Big 12 Tournament in six years.

Tournament play? One win in six years — comparable to basketball powerhouses such as North Dakota State, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Lehigh, and Norfolk State.

And it’s not as if the cupboard was bare — the only NCAA Tournament win Ford has is with the players Sean Sutton left him (one of them a Big 12 player of the year).

So who are we as a school? What is our middle ground of success? I understand you’re going to have up and down years but to me, and I wrote this last season, we are a fourth-place, secound-round program. That is, on average OSU should be one of the the final 32 teams left in the Tournament and should finish, again on average, fourth place in the Big 12.

I feel like that’s fair. I don’t expect you to come in and win Big 12 titles and go to Elite Eights every year — that’s just not reasonable. But what isn’t acceptable, especially when you’re being paid like one of the 15 best coaches in the country, is repeatedly finishing in the lower half of the Big 12 and holding two minutes and 51 seconds worth of NCAA Tournament leads in the last four years.

Two minutes and 51 seconds.

That’s not what you get paid $20 million to do.

You can argue that he’s a great recruiter, I guess — he’s had three top 25 recruiting classes — but what does he have to show for that? Forte or Cobbins is his fourth-best recruit. Solid players, but hardly elite-level talent for a top tier university.

And this is where it gets strange because it might seem as if you’re holding against Ford that he was good at one part of his job (getting Marcus Smart[1. And let’s be honest here for a second, Sean Sutton got somebody as good as Smart — James Anderson — so let’s not put the Smart recruitment on this pedestal]) because he couldn’t live up to all of the expectations that other people set.

But Ford still hasn’t figured out what he wants to be as a program.

OSU is a strange place in that it’s not Lawrence or Chapel Hill or Lexington where one-and-done guys take a 12-month pit stop en route to the League. But it’s not Wichita or Spokane, either. You’re expected to recruit stars but also build a dynamic team.

And Ford clearly has had trouble putting those two things together.

Which brings us to part three of our game of parameters: opportunity cost.

It has been well-documented that Travis Ford’s buyout is not everything you have thought it was all along. Money, I suspect, won’t be a large issue.

But can you fire a guy who just went to back-to-back NCAA Tournaments? That would be kind of strange, right? And what are you missing out on if you don’t?

I guess it would, but what has Travis Ford done that would suggest to you that he can get to another NCAA Tournament without Marcus Smart and Markel Brown next season? He’s really going to coach Leyton Hammonds, Mike Cobbins, and Brian Williams to the Dance?

And even if he does, he’s going to get them out of the first round?

So again, what are we as a program? If we’re supposed to be a below average Big 12 team that just sneaks into the NCAA Tournament every season then I’ll shut up, that’s fine.

But I expect better than that and I think the rest of you do too.

One of my buddies goes to the same church as Ford and said it’s disconcerting to see him there on the weekends and then read things like this about him during the week. It’s not an easy existence to have your profession on the line, much less on public display, ever day of your life.

But the reality is that even if Ford is a great guy — and I’ll concede that if you want — and just because it’s not totally fair that his career plays out in the public forum doesn’t discount the fact that he hasn’t gotten it done.

If I write about golf for CBS for three years and I’m not bringing in numbers or creating a body of work that’s up to the standards set by CBS, I don’t get a discount because literally everything I do can be dissected by the public. That’s the collateral damage of the job.

That’s what you signed up for.

When Ford was given his extension after getting to the second round against Pitt in 2009 Burns Hargis said this about Ford and OSU hoops.[1. We won’t even get into this quote from Holder: “Coach Ford did a tremendous job rejuvenating our basketball program in his first season.” Well yes, a corpse would have been rejuvenating compared to Sean Sutton.]

“OSU basketball has a long and storied history and we look forward to Coach Ford adding new chapters of success.”

He has added new chapters all right, but they have not been of success. More like a how-to guide on lighting $20 million on fire.

Then this from Holder:

“He is committed to success for our student-athletes in the classroom and on the court, and he is committed to Oklahoma State University. This contract rewards him for the job he has done and demonstrates OSU’s commitment to him. We consider Travis a rising star in the coaching profession and look forward to his leadership for many years to come.”

Well that student-athlete ship has sailed and is currently circling the Bermuda Triangle but his leadership is the thing that interests me most.[1. And we aren’t even touching on his in-game coaching!]

On Friday after the loss Ford noted that nobody knows what goes on behind the scenes with him and his team.

“There were so many things that we did as a team that was amongst our family that we were doing to try to keep things together and battle. People were criticizing me. They had no idea what we were doing, no clue what we were doing. I don’t always tell of things that we do. I don’t get into all that. But we did so many things to try to keep this team together.”

All I know is what I see and what I saw this year was an enabled, childish uber-star allowed (and my gosh, at times encouraged) to do whatever he wanted. That’s not “leadership for many years to come” as much as it is a one-way ticket to “I get paid a million bucks to be an assistant for a top-level program.”[1. See: the Jeff Capel files.]

Ford is the king of excuses and that has never been more evident than in the way Marcus Smart acted this season. The entire year was one big “everybody hates us, it’s me against humanity” campaign. That’s not “leadership for years to come” that’s an enabling mindset that approached and subsequently fell off the cliff of public perception.

Marcus Smart’s interview after the Gonzaga game:

“It seemed like every call went against us no matter what. When the calls go against you, it’s hard to come back from that.”

The line between “nobody believes in us” and “six billion people hate us” is a fine one and Ford hasn’t figured out how to navigate it.

One of my friends — someone you know from the media, actually — always talks about how teams take on the personality of their coaches. And ours this year was simply a staircase of excuses.[1. Why was I still hearing about how much we missed Michael Cobbins 16 games into the conference schedule?? 16 games!!]

All of that goes back to Ford.

As OKC Dave put it on Saturday after Smart’s quotes about the Gonzaga game came out: “it’s about not allowing your team to have the mindset that it’s OK to blame others for your own failures.”

It feels like that’s all Ford has done.

This isn’t an emotional one-year outburst because our basketball team couldn’t get more than one highlight into One Shining Moment. Really, it’s not.

I haven’t written all year that Ford should be canned because I feel like you should get the full season to prove your staying power. What if I had written this after the seven-game losing streak and Ford had gone to the Final Four? I would look pretty foolish.

No, this is six years worth of frustration that nothing substantial has been built — no foundation for the future has been set. Travis Ford won’t make it to the end of his contract so you might as well fire him now instead of letting him keep the ship barely afloat for another year.

We can talk about replacements later if you want but the excitement level for OSU hoops will be at an all-time low next season. In fact, that’s already started:

The opportunity cost of letting Ford stay is that you lose a year (or more) on what could be the resurgence of a once-proud program. Unless you think Travis Ford is the answer to the question “who can lead this team to be, on average, a top four Big 12 team and play to get into the Sweet 16 on an annual basis?” then your answer involves a pink slip and a buyout.

Travis Ford might be a nice guy and he might have a future as a solid basketball coach somewhere but that place will not be Stillwater, Oklahoma and that program will not have “Oklahoma State” on its uniforms.

It’s time for him to go.

By the way: Mike Holder has an email address and he will answer you. You should send this to him.

[email protected]

  • Pokelahoma

    I sent my email this AM. He got back to me in ten minutes. I have a feeling he’s been getting a lot of emails

  • Jason Canning

    “He is committed to success for our student-athletes in the classroom and on the court, and he is committed to Oklahoma State University.” -Holder

    What this doesn’t mention is the APR of the basketball team. Would we even have the opportunity to be in the tournament next year with our APR? Ford’s players aren’t performing on the court and transferring at will. It’s time for him to go.

    • Nathaniel Landman

      the transfers are being runoff by Ford. not so much on their own

      • Jason Canning

        That’s my point. He’s not committed to their success in the classroom if they are leaving.

        • TeaTown Cowboy

          Maybe they are leaving cause they’re not going to classes, hello?!

  • Jwild

    Great, fair piece, Kyle.

  • KWC

    It may have seemed foolish to write something like this if Ford would have made a Final Four. Although if he had all of these same things you wrote about still exist. He still has built nothing. His conference finishes are still horrible. Travis Ford making a Final Four with this team, is like that saying, “a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile.” I have never been a Ford fan, and the only thing that would have a chance of changing that is consistently winning at a high level and control. He has neither. He does however have consistently poor finishes in conference play.

  • AustinCowboy88

    Well written Kyle…I enjoyed the read and I thought it was a fair assessment.

  • JeffB

    Coach Holder will get enough advice from the genius circus so I’m sure he doesn’t need another from me but I will ask this to anyone who wants to address it:
    If Ford is to go and he’s to be replaced by the WSU coach, isn’t the window open NOW? To ask a different way: How much time will elapse before the WSU coach hasn’t gotten a bigger offer and moved on to SOMEWHERE?
    Thank-you and I’ll take that off the air. (1st time caller fer sum Johhnie’s..)

  • Cincinnati

    Good piece Kyle. For me the academic side is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If we can’t pay the players (which I think we should) the least that should be done is make sure they get a good education while they are in Stillwater.

  • spokepokes

    The more emails Holder gets about fans not renewing the tickets the better IMO. Money seems to be a pretty big bottom line with the guy and a hit to our athletic budget may be the straw that breaks the camels back…

  • jls2osu

    I’m guessing Holder has an assistant who does nothing but reply to these emails. Great piece, Kyle – very well said.

  • MarcusFan

    I would not even put Marcus Smart as a notch on Ford’s recruiting belt. Let’s be honest, if Phil and Marcus weren’t close and they didn’t think that Phil would get to play here …. no way Marcus comes. Period. So if you want to count that as a win do so at your own peril. I would contribute Marcus coming to OSU as the fact that it was the best situation for he and Phil; not the recruiting of Ford. My opinion.

  • And who do we hire? All these rising coaches lost in the second round, there old, they aren’t from the Sutton tree, so fans won’t support him. I don’t see a point. We lose the recruits we have coming in and the guys we have now. I don’t even care about bring Self in cause Ford has beat Kanas more times than I can remember Sutton doing it. Why don’t we bring Sutton back if that is all anyone cares about. He is at every game, he said he could coach our current team. Do we bring in another unproven? I just don’t see the point, fans only care about thunder or football now anyway. Why have a program? If you let go of Ford now, then by your own admission the guy gets 5 years to try and make it right, so we have another 5 years of another coach not getting it done because the fan support isn’t there to make GIA what it was. So I say what is the point?

    • spokepokes

      Well this comment just isn’t very productive…

      • It is productive because what/who do you get? Everyone is saying off with his head, but then what? How many times have programs got rid of their coach only to replace him with someone that does the exact same. Without fan support it doesn’t matter and from what I have watch from the last 6 years. GIA has been empty for someone of our biggest games, so I ask again what is the point?

        • CM

          He’s had 6 years. Sometimes you just need a change to spark people’s interest. I don’t know who we hire, but I could probably come up with a list of 15 people that would be a good place to start; Greg Marshall, Archie Miller, Gottlieb, or hell even Bill Self again. People sell this program short, but we have some great facilities compared to the smaller programs, close proximity to two decent size cities in Tulsa and OKC, and we have been known to have good fan support if the product on the court is good. You mention an empty GIA……..I don’t see how Ford ever gets that back. I don’t think we’re going to end up any worse off and at this point I think most of us are ready to risk it.

          • Ford never had the support from the beginning and then in his first year you saw him cuss on TV!?!?! Heaven forbid. The program sold it self short with the Sutton’s debacle and panic hire of Ford. I love the teams that Ford has brought in. Has the product finished well? No, but I was more excited at the beginning of the year with Ford than any of the Sutton years and I was there 2000-2004. I went to every game no matter what. It’s sad that the students don’t have that mentality anymore even when this product was Awesome this year before it blew up.

          • KWC

            Wait? More excited before this year., than any sutton between 2000-2004? You are probably the only or one of few who would say that.

    • Chino_05

      Boy, you’re just a bastion of positive thought aren’t you? I think the great John Wooden said it best: Don’t bother trying to get better guys, because what is the point?*

      You’re a fool Reber. The point is TO GET BETTER. It’s always the point.

      *John Wooden never said this.

      • Yes, the point is to get better, but there has to be a plan. The fired Sean without a plan and look where that got us.

        • KWC

          Sean was fired because he had a personal problem he needed to deal with. There are many points to brining in a new guy. Many times schools will bring in someone new, and get better. That is the point.

          • But who? Kyle deleted my comment that when more into my thought of saying “Whats the point?” So I am not gong back through it, but I have heard no names to make me think “Yes, let’s get rid of Ford and wait another 4 years for a coach to bring in his players and his system for us to be good.”

          • KWC

            Doug, Greg Marshall, Shaka Smart, Archie Miller, plus others. Would you rather know you are going to finish 7th or worse in conference play till 2019 and at best play one game in the NCAA tournament each year, or take a chance to get better now? Plus brining in a new coach now, that coach won’t have to replace a system.

          • Doug – Only decision I could get behind.
            Greg Marshall – I wouldn’t leave for OSU, look at Butler coach
            Shaka Smart – Capel cam from the same school and did well there
            Archie Miller – Contract extension

          • Voice of Reason

            Gottlieb- Please no. Its much different sitting behind a desk talking about the game than to actually go recruit at a high level and coach.
            Marshall- He ain’t leaving WSU for Oklahoma State. Sorry.
            Shaka- See Brad Stevens
            Archie Miller- A name no one had heard of before last weekend around these parts, just signed an extension

            OSU basketball isn’t as hot of a job as many on here think. There is strangle hold on the conference by KU. Larry Brown and SMU are now controlling a recruiting hotbed that OSU relies on for talent. Scott Drew also recruits very well in Dallas. Hoiberg and ISU are on the up swing, Kruger has OU going in the right direction. We have nice facilities, sure, but so does everyone else. Program support has dropped dramatically, and lets be honest, we can be a hard fanbase to please.

            I want Ford gone just as much as the next guy, but who do we have a
            realistic shot at bringing in that is going to be better than Ford?

          • Kyle Porter

            I don’t delete non-profane comments. Ever.

          • Somehow my comment got deleted on why Self isn’t a good choice either.

          • spokepokes

            A comment as idiotic as that is considered profane in my book….

    • Scott

      “I don’t even care about bring Self in cause Ford has beat Kansas more times than I can remember Sutton doing it”…. wow – just wow.

      So you don’t want the coach that has won the league double-digit-times in a row. That’s not a well thought out comment. No chance in hell that we’d be able to get Self right now. But to say you don’t WANT him? come on. Put the beer down and snap out of it.

      • Wow, my reply was deleted. I guess it struck a nerve.

        • Jake

          Good, you’re an idiot.

          • Why cause I’m not jumping on the fire Ford bandwagon without a plan? Bandwagons are for Sooners.

          • Smokewins

            Hey, at least we know when to pull the plug on a dumpster fire

          • Jake

            I thought you were done with the POS blog?

      • TeaTown Cowboy

        Self is NOT coming to Stillwater, he has said so many times. Of course things could change.

    • Godwin

      Comes down to the definition of insanity – “doing the same thing and expecting a different result”. We now know that Ford cannot get it done, at least with another coach we have a chance to be better. Without a change it is fairy hopeless – with a well planned and vetted change, we have our best chance.

  • Kurtis Hanni

    I think as an OSU fan based we have a hard time with reality. Kyle, I think you’re right about “what we are”: a 2nd round team, average finish of 4th in the Big 12. But, with recent history, we should probably expect even less. Another good way to measure a program is by what coach you can get. For OSU, we want an “up and comer” or a “proven commodity” of an older coach. Reality is, OSU probably isn’t an exciting destination for many of these coaches. We’re(as a school) in a really tough spot with this decision and can completely see not making a move.

    That being said, I haven’t exactly always been a Ford supporter, but I’ve always had season tickets. This year is the first time we’ve really considered not buying. It’s so tough because it seems every season has been so frustrating, the joy of being a fan is almost gone.

    I didn’t expect to agree with you on this article. But after reading, it’s hard not to.

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      How do you figure Ok State isn’t an exciting destination? Our facilities and fan base and recruiting area are some of the best in the country.

      • Kurtis Hanni

        I figure that based off what transpired when getting Travis Ford. Facilities are great, which for sure has helped since that time. But, looking at the success, the type of town Stillwater is… it’s pretty clear we’re not a “destination” school. It’s too hard to win when the success you’ve had has mainly come under 2 coaches.

        • TeaTown Cowboy

          Not sure what you’re getting at, Stillwater is a VERY NICE college town. You need to check the Sweet Sixteen and see where those unis are located.

          • Kurtis Hanni

            Being a rural, away from “big cities”, it is documented that it is harder to recruit.

            I’d love to look at the Sweet 16:
            Powerhouses(location irrelevant): Florida, UCLA, Michigan St., Michigan, Kentucky, Louisville, Wisconsin(only show in town), Arizona, Conneticut

            San Diego St – who wouldn’t love 65* all year?
            Baylor – I think we all know what is going on there 😉
            Tennessee – Big town, reality is they’re similar to us
            Stanford – a lot to offer, attractive school
            Iowa St – all coaching, right? Kane a Juco, Ejim developed, etc.
            Dayton – mid major
            Virginia – not a lot going for them, but a great coach

            Out of those, Virginia was able to get a coach that many thought we took a shot at. I don’t remember what went down at the time, but it would seem either we didn’t ask or he didn’t want us?

            I love Stillwater, and agree I couldn’t have had a better college town. I prefer that atmosphere to a city for college… but you’re asking kids to move away from home to “nothing”, that can limit options right off.

  • Nate

    Good stuff, Kyle. I agree with all of it. My biggest fear is that Holder and the rest of the athletic department (also Boone) just don’t give a crap about basketball anymore. They have wanted to turn OSU into a football school and now they couldn’t care any less about basketball. It’s just the feeling I get and it’s a damn shame. Unfortunately, I think Ford will be back.

  • Adam

    Nice piece, I don’t think Ford is best for this program in the future but you are right, it is not due to lack of trying or devotion to the program. Some things just aren’t meant to be.

  • Kiel Werner

    for 150,000.00 I’ll be the figure head of a coach with a killer staff.. i should have plenty of $$ to assemble a good staff to make a better run than 20 million bought. I dont need a golf club membership or a car.. just the opportunity

  • OklaStateU

    Thank you for putting this together. Unfortunately, other people in the mainstream media (i.e. OU hacks) want their friend Travis Ford to stay at OSU.
    If Holder doesn’t pull the trigger, then the heat needs to be placed on him for the ridiculous contract that’s put OSU in this mess.

    • Scott

      Everything I’ve heard on sports animal from 9am til now – is “Ford has to go”…. so not all media wants him to stay.

      • Scott

        in fact – Traber is ripping his ass right now

        • TeaTown Cowboy

          He said zerOU hacks though… 😛

  • stover

    who do you think we could bring in to replace him? I think Ford’s tenure has brought down our prestige a little and don’t know who we could entice to come to Stillwater. Would coaches like Shaka Smart or another coach of the like want to come to Stillwater or would we be looking at hit-or-miss like we did with ford from UMass.

    • Dylan Hays

      I think Doug Gottlieb would be an excellant choice. He obviously knows the game and came from Sutton. I think he brings what everyone is wanting. As far as not been proven as a coach, Hoidberg seems to be doing a pretty good job.

      • stover

        do you think he would take the job? or stay on the radio for cbs?

        • KWC

          Doug tried to get the k-state job. So, I think he would want it. I think we all knew Ford would be miss. Never had much success anywhere.

          • stover

            Just saw that James Dickey resigned from Houston. Would bringing him back be a good idea in your opinion?

          • KWC

            No. That hiring would not get people excited. Plus he has not won much there

          • TeaTown Cowboy

            Everybody connected w/ oSu love James Dickey but what KWC said!

      • Texas Cowboy fan

        I don’t disagree with the fact Ford hasn’t done anything to move OSU back to any kind of status, let alone “elite”. However, just for grins, consider coach Les Miles who had finished if memory serves, FIFTH out of six teams in the Big 12 south for about 4 years straight. Then he left and the rest as they say is history. LSU is not OSU, I get that, but there may be issues that run deeper than just Ford is the point. And no, James Dickey never did anything anywhere, just another nice guy who can’t coach == we already have one of those.

        • KWC

          Les Miles is very different though. OSU had never been much of a power in football. Les had very sup-par facilities for most of his tenure. Ford has great facilities and a lot of history with Eddie and Iba. Dickey was actually fairly successful in the mid-90’s at Tech for about a 3-4 year period. They were 30-2 and made a sweet sixteen in one year. Now that year did take place in the SWC, and not the Big 12. Once Tech joined the Big 12 Dickey was not able to win near that many games. I think he is a great assistant, and like you said he seems to be a nice guy.

  • Mike

    E’nuff said….

  • The start of 2014 has been rough on football and basketball. I think a changing of the guard or in this case Head Coach would do well in basketball. HCTF is good but he isn’t the next Coach K or Calipari for that matter. Ford was good to get us off the Sean Sutton track but Ford can’t do any more for OSU as a program. I am glad he got us back into the Tournament but the 1 win in 7 years is not good regardless of the disappointment in this season. OSU has been a competitive school in basketball and since Eddie retired, it just hasn’t had the same spark…there’s been a flame but no fuse to catch it.

  • Scott

    Scott Drew has more tournament wins in the past week than Travis Ford has in his career…. Someone please kill me.

    • Jake

      Oh… oh… it hurts. Maybe we can get Scott Drew?

  • Nathaniel Landman

    re: Cobbins: Iowa State found a way to beat NC without Niang and Hoiberg told Mike and Mike this morning that the offense ran through him. Our offense didn’t run through Cobbins

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      Hoiberg and guys like Mark Few (who didn’t see us losing to Gonzaga if you’re able to leave bias and emotions out of the equation???) can coach circles around Ford. But good point, when I heard Niang got hurt I thought my vision that ISU would go further than any other Big 12 team was doomed. Baylor’s still hanging around which surprised all of us I’m pretty sure but they’ve got a decent coach as well.

      • T-Bone

        Case in point. We lose a 5 point 5 rebound guy and the team goes in the dumper. They lose one of their top players that the offense runs through and the next day they are finding a way to win.
        I was thinking there are lots of teams without big men and they find a way to play. Ford seemed stumped. Of course, then every team I see in the tourney has big men so I wonder if the big men are going to all these different schools, including Gonzaga, why didn’t one come to OSU?

  • Nathaniel Landman

    or being runoff

  • Jake

    Guys, Travis Ford has done something amazing. He’s united OSU basketball fans and given us something to be passionate about… we’re all united and passionate about hating Travis Ford.

    • ck1911

      We don’t hate him. It’s not personal, it’s business.

      • Jake

        Don’t Traber me.

  • tomg

    The head scratcher for me this year was Gaskins. I don’t mind taking chances on players, but OSU needed a solid backup for a potential league title and deep run in March. His personal challenges prevented him from making any impact and that was compounded by Cobbins injury. Ford needs to go because he builds OSU teams like the LA Clippers did twenty years ago. The pieces just don’t fit.

    Cobbins gave the team an inside presence on defense and a good fourth option on offense when the opponent didn’t have an elite big. Getting pounded down low showed how much we needed him.

  • stover

    James Dickey just resigned from Houston. Thoughts?

  • Tyler

    Coach Littel for both head coaching jobs. Boys and Girls.

  • Kiel Werner

    James Dickey is available wasnt he on eddie’s staff?

  • T-Bone

    One thing to add. When a fan base gets on a coach and the fire issue comes up, it hurts the team. It hurts recruiting, it hurts turnout, it hurts play. We need to either get behind the Coach or leave him behind.

    • Do not bring logic to the comment section, they don’t like that here. You must only comment out of emotion.

      • T-Bone

        Ok. Either get rid of the lousy coach or throw a welcome back party for that sweet little guy.