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Photo Attribution: KT King

The pollsters have spoken, the computers have binary-d, and we’re stuck with an SEC rematch in January 9 that will either A.) confirm what we already knew (that LSU is better than Alabama) or B.) render the season completely meaningless (if LSU is 13-1 and Alabama is 12-1 and they both beat each other).

So that’s fun.

Oklahoma State lost out when the computer rankings came out earlier today and Sagarin and Wolfe both had OSU at #3. Because of this, OSU needed about 40% of coaches and Harris poll voters and only got around 25%. Had they gotten that extra computer to put them at #2, things would have been a lot closer.

As it was, they needed about 60 Harris poll voters to put them at #2 while the rest put them at #3 to overtake Alabama and they only received the equivalent of 9 voters putting them at #2 with 106 at #3. I can’t really believe that only 9 Harris poll voters would rank OSU at #2 which leads me to believe that some Harris poll voters still had OSU at #3 or #4.

I can’t wait to find out who.

One final question I have about the BCS show (and something for you to ponder): why do ESPN analysts say Alabama has played better teams and had a tougher schedule (as Robert Smith and Mark May did tonight) and then, in the same breath, praise the system that uses computers that say that Oklahoma State played a tougher schedule. Where is the disconnect there?

All that being said, and trust me we can whine about the BCS until Craig James’ grandchildren are playing college football, Oklahoma State has still had the best regular season in school history.

Weeden against Luck in the desert to decide the best QB in the country while Robert Griffin and his bronze trophy look on is going to be spectacular. OSU is probably the better team, but Stanford is crazy physical so I think the juxtaposition will be interesting.

I hope everyone is still excited about that. Yes, there are plenty of reasons to be disappointed about not getting in the title game and yes, I’m pretty bummed out myself. But a post-January 1 BCS game against the #4 team in the country (even if it is an exhibition game) is plenty of reason for celebration.

Plus, OSU is Big 12 champs and OU is playing in the Insight Bowl, so get behind that if nothing else.

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