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10 (More) Bedlam Thoughts



If you missed my first ten thoughts on Saturday night, here they are. The last few days have been a total whirlwind and I never had time to go back and run through my notes for Part II. And by “notes” I mean what I tapped in on my iPhone in between Landry fumbles and OU punts…

1. The thing that kept getting at me all night was this: OSU did to OU exactly what OU would have done to OSU had the roles been reversed. Think about it, if the Cowboys went to Norman wounded and dragging, without their best player, and OU was playing to get in the title game, 44-10 is EXACTLY what OU would have done to them. That, of all the many things that offer themselves as proof, is proof that Oklahoma State has arrived as a Big 12 contender.

2. One of my favorite memories from the game was when Jeremy Smith stuck the dagger in at 41-3 then turned to the south side of the stadium and held one hand up in the air, palm flat, waving at the alumni and donors as if to say “we’re done here, nothing more to see, move along. We’ll go for the repeat in 2012.”

3. Uniform of the game award was a four-way tie between Justin Gilbert, Michael Harrison, Justin Blackmon, and…an unlikely candidate…Quinn Sharp. My buddy, Chad, tipped me off to Sharp early in the game and he was right, the all black everything under the uni + orange cleats was fantastic. Obviously Gilbert looked phenomenal as always and Harrison showed up with some heavy white sleeves that looked strong with the color combo. Blackmon gets a nod for the tall white socks to go with the black-orange-black uni. Outstanding work by all, I know it’s difficult looking at #4 every day and having something like that to live up to, you guys brought it.

4. If you watched Joseph Randle run on Saturday, well, let’s put it this way: there was a 0% chance he was coughing it up like he did in Ames. He ran with a purpose. Two more years of him and Smith, plus Sims and [fill in recruit that may or may not be Barry Sanders]? Yes, please.

5. Most underrated awesome moment of the game was in the 3rd quarter when the OSU guy in charge of the stadium music played the Jaws theme. Still hungry, Tony Jefferson? Also, this follow up tweet from Tracy Moore was spectacular.

6. It felt like there could have been a lot of flags early. Players were chippy, bodies were flying, but the zebras really gained control of the game by getting in players’ faces and talking to them. And it kind of worked. I prefer that method to 15-yard punishments.

7. I posted the video of Gilbert doing the discount double check Aaron Rodgers thing earlier today, but I didn’t mention his run-in with Kenny Stills. When Blatnick was busy housing the first fumble (and how fast is Blatnick, by the way??), Gilbert was at the other end of the field just screaming in Stills’ face. It was quite a moment for me: my favorite player punking my least favorite player as my team pretty much took control of a game it hadn’t won since I was in high school.

8. As one of my followers pointed out, the best part of the game (besides winning the Big 12) was that we barely heard Boomer Sooner played. In fact, I don’t know if I even heard it once.

9. Anthony Slater mentioned this, and I wrote about it after the Kansas State game, but Joseph Randle’s second level shimmy when he’s got a linebacker or safety to beat is, just, one of the nastiest things in college football right now. He made some OU DBs look silly.

10. The best text I got on Saturday night, and maybe all weekend, was the following from Nolo about 15 minutes after the game: hey…do you know if we covered?

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