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10 More Thoughts On Baylor



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If you missed it yesterday, here are my first 10 thoughts on the OSU Baylor game as well as a few superlatives. And now we put a cap on another year of Baylor thinking they’re a lot tighter than they actually are. Let’s get to it:

1. I hope [fill in basically any national media personality on ESPN or otherwise here] only looks at the stats for Baylor: 622 total yards, 36 first downs, 39 minutes total possession and continues to say things like “this OSU defense just is quite porous” and “the Cowboys can’t seem to stop anyone” just so we get to see that same defense get pissed for the next five weeks and keep feeling like they have to prove themselves over and over again. That would be lovely. It would also be lovely if I didn’t write 150-word sentences.

2. Speaking of the defense, I felt like RG3 got lit up all over the place (in addition to the Drogba-esque diving). My favorite hit was in the first quarter when Markelle literally flipped him onto his head.

3. Again on the defense (I promise we’ll get to some other things), I feel like one of the biggest differences in this year’s D is how tight they play to the ball. In the past you’d see Andre Sexton and Jacob Lacey playing like, 17 yards off the ball on third downs and now you see corners and linebackers playing really tight to the line of scrimmage.

4. How good is Joseph Randle? 14 for 152 and 4, the TDs and yards both career highs. OSU has only had 19 1,000-yard rushers in its history (not exactly a bad history either), Randle needs 156 more to make that a round 20.

5. When they showed the crystal ball in the east endzone in the second quarter I had to stop looking at it, I was afraid I was going to go blind if I stared at it for too long.

6. This came out of Bob Davie’s mouth in the second quarter: “Phil Bennett (Baylor’s DC) is one of the best defensive coaches in the country.”

7. One trend I’ve noticed in the last few years is that fans and the media love to call OSU something other than “Oklahoma State.” Let’s clarify the acceptable substitutions: OSU, OK State, the Cowboys. The not-acceptable ones: Okie State and the Fighting Gundys. And the “omg if I hear this again I’m going to Plaxico someone” term…..Okie Light.

8. What didn’t Justin Gilbert (JG4) do on Saturday? 4 tackles, 2 pass breakups, a 36-yard kick return, and a 27-yard INT that nearly turned into a “welp, Pistolsguy is dead after Justin Gilbert returned that RG3 INT 109 yards to the house” play.

9. Coming into this game, Griffin had 40 incompletions and 2 INT. He had 17 and 2 against Oklahoma State. But…but…but…the defense isn’t good. Or is it?

10. I’m excited for all the Heisman polls on Monday that have Weeden behind Griffin and Russell Wilson (who lost again on Saturday) even though he embarrassed Griffin in what was supposed to be a revenge game and has thrown 1 pick in conference play.

11. (Bonus) I can’t believe Michael Harrison is a sophomore. Sure, he does some dumb stuff, but he is physically gifted. A big offseason and he could be the #1 guy next year.

12. (Bonus) Bob Wischusen called Kye Staley “Kyle” and Jeremy Smith “Johnny Smith.” And he was by far the best announcer in the booth.

13. (Bonus) I’m sitting in my hotel room as I write this. It’s midnight, Lou Holtz is telling me something about Georgia I can’t understand, my wife is asleep. And there’s this:

It doesn’t even seem real that Oklahoma State is 240 minutes from playing either Alabama or LSU for the national championship. They are though, so buckle up and enjoy the next five weeks because you just might see something you’ll never see again:


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