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10 More Thoughts On OSU Missouri



1. Two points on Weeden: he never throws his arms up in the air like Eli Manning as if to say “that hit you in the freaking numbers, how did you not catch it?” And he always goes back to the receiver who just dropped it. I love both of those things about him.

2. Harder hit? Shaun Lewis on Christine Michael in College Station or Shaun Lewis on TJ Moe yesterday? The Michael one was sick but the Moe one was like a bomb went off in his uniform.

3. One of my favorite moments was in the fourth quarter when OSU stuffed Missouri on a fourth down and they came running off the field to Bill Young whose lips were flapping around all over the place like the grandpa he is yelling, “good job! good job!” That cracked me up for some reason.

4. Why is Isaiah Anderson the only one who does the pink wristbands and gloves thing?

5. Carson Cunningham tweeted it and he’s right: Justin Gilbert wears his uniform better than anyone else on the team. Also while we’re here, can I say I like the high white socks look a lot better than the full white tights look like Markelle usually goes with? I mean I guess I can say whatever I want since it’s my blog, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

6. Charles Davis said, “Broderick Brown is one of the up and coming and best corners in the country.” Is he? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m really wondering. I’m not well-versed in the talents of national CBs.

7. Speaking of Charles Davis, I thought it was pretty funny when he called Youman “Yoman.” Very fitting too, considering his position(s).

8. One thing I noticed for the first time yesterday: OSU doesn’t return punts very well. They’re one of 32 teams that doesn’t have a punt return for more than 20 yards. Also, I really like Blackmon back there IF they’re just going to fair catch every time. When Cooper fair catches my heart jumps a few beats. I trust him, but I trust Blackmon.

9. Maybe it’s just me but it feels like OSU has gotten a lot of bounces and calls as of late. A lot of “wow, that should have been a fumble but it squirted out of bounds” or “wow, how was that not a pick-6?!?!” Those are breaks it didn’t feel like they were getting against the Louisianas and Tulsas of the world. And trust me, I’d much rather be getting them against the Missouris and the Texas’ than anyone.

10. I thought Weeden was great in the second half without his security blanket. Also, it’s kind of weird to think about a 28-year old having any kind of blanket. Seriously though, remember when this program was at a point where losing your star WR would have buried you for weeks? Not so anymore…

11. (bonus) When the BCS standings come out tonight, they’re going to look like this: 1. Alabama 2. LSU 3. Oklahoma State

Just let that sink in…

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