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10 (more) Thoughts on Texas A&M

More thoughts and superlatives from OSU’s huge W on Saturday in College Station.



In case you missed it after the game yesterday, here are my first ten thoughts on OSU’s 30-29 comeback win in College Station.

And here are ten more:

1. People don’t appreciate how sick the hit Shaun Lewis had on Christine Michael was in the first quarter. Ubben tweeted about it, but Michael does not get brought down very often like Lewis brought him down.

2. I always think Weeden is going to laugh at the end of these interviews.

3. Something I thought of during the game yesterday: The fact that Blackmon had so many long catches last year means that if he doesn’t get one in every game this year then it looks like he had a bad game. So if he would have something like 9 for 160 and 2 last year with a 65-yarder in there for a TD, if he doesn’t get that 65-yarder this year then 8 for 95 and 1 doesn’t look nearly as good. Don’t be fooled though, he’s just as nasty this year.

4. The defensive line was insane in the second half, I couldn’t even believe what I was watching.

5. The Aggie honor code says “An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.” Does that include faux injuries? I kid, I kid. Kind of…

6. Matt Millen said about Weeden: “Mechanically sometimes [Weeden’s] not very good but he believes in his arm.” Well mechanically, Mr. Millen, you were the worst generally manager in sports history, but at least you believed in drafting a WR in the 1st round every year.

7. I texted one of my friends after A&M’s first score: “Markelle Martin just made Ryan Tannehill look like Usain Bolt.”

8. I can’t handle sentences like this: “Oklahoma State may walk into every game the rest of its season a favorite until a showdown against No. 1 Oklahoma on Dec. 3. Bedlam in Stillwater as a national semifinal? Don’t rule it out.” Good work by Ubben in his postgame recap.

9. OSU’s average starting drive position against A&M was their own 22 (A&M’s was their own 24).

10. Question: If you gave Weeden a 25-yard head start could he beat Denard Robinson in a 40-yard dash? I mean it’d be close, right?

11. (bonus) I love that OSU’s managers stand behind uprights to see if Sharp makes kickoffs like they’re field goals.

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