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10 More Thoughts On The Tech Game



Nov 17 2012 Stillwater OK USA Oklahoma State Cowboys linebacker Lyndell Johnson 27 celebrates during the third quarter against the Texas Tech Red Raiders at Boone Pickens Stadium. Mandatory Credit Richard Rowe US PRESSWIRE

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Big thanks to Nolan Cox for giving great effort to help me with this one since I was driving for part of it.

1. One thing I noticed on the radio broadcast is how giddy Robert Allen was about how many different things OU has to gameplan for. Am I ridiculous for thinking this is just a faux idea broadcasters and analysts conjure up so they can act like they know what they’re talking about?

I’m not just talking about Robert Allen either. All I hear about on SportsCenter is how difficult it is to gameplan for the Jets and all their weapons at QB and…yeah…4-6 is 4-6.

Walsh is going to run, Chelf is going to throw and do smart Chelf stuff and maybe run a little but I don’t think Mike Stoops is losing much sleep over any of it.

2. Has Gundy apologized to Kelly Hines yet for yelling at her over calling Walsh’s dad and getting a second opinion on his knee? Because he should.

3. Chelf had a throw in the first half when OSU was tied at 7 on a third down to Josh Stewart that was the most “I’ve been in the program for four years and I know what the heck I’m doing” throw ever. Stewart was going over the middle right into a Tech safety, Chelf realized he only needed five yards for the first, so he tossed a rope right at Stewart’s back right shoulder where he could twist and fall over the first down marker to keep the drive alive. Small, but clutch.

4. Gilbert dropped two picks in a row (one a pick six). I wish Isaiah Anderson wasn’t playing so well so I could make a joke about how much they probably hang out.

5. Quinn Sharp’s 51-yard field goal might have been good from 81. Just not from Ames.

6. We definitely made Dana proud yesterday: blocking punts up 38, flea flickers, reverses. We even went under center (!) as a “we don’t even respect you guys to use our regular V formation” message toward Tuberville. There are no headsets intact within a 100-mile radius of Lubbock right now.

7. This is a Nolo special from way back: why don’t we run a white Bullet out after white guy TDs? How awesome would that be?

8. How little did Sharp care about breaking his 11 straight FG streak? He just walked over to the sideline, took a sip of the limey he had a trainer pour in his Gatorade bottle at halftime, and threw some Bob Marley on his headphones. Still gonna win the Groza, bros.

9. James Castleman has more INT this year than Brodrick Brown and Justin Gilbert combined. That’s all.

10. I loved Joe Randle going over the pile to make it 52-14. On a scale of 1 to Markel I give him a seven on the effort.

Everything you wanted from a senior day against Tech with a Cotton Bowl berth (!) still hanging in the balance. It’s been a wild ride from day one this season but I’m not sure I could have picked a more exciting, dramatic, fun squad to cover from the beginning of last year to now[1. Oregon bloggers snickering].

On to Norman.

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