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10 More Thoughts On West Virginia



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1. Gundy was especially edgy last night. I thought he was going to dislocate both shoulders from waving at the officials after the 30-yard double personal foul call in the second half.

Also, I don’t know how many people saw this, but as the teams went to the locker room at half Gundy stood and talked to the refs for 45-60 seconds at midfield. Robert Allen was lingering waiting for his usual halftime interview but when Gundy got done with his referee conversation he started sprinting for the locker room leaving what looked to be a really bummed out Allen at the 40-yard line as the band came running on the field.

Allen then sauntered off towards the west endzone looking like someone had just set off a bomb inside his puppy’s kennel. It was truly one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen at an OSU game.

2. To the 70-year-old white dude in an OSU jersey (circa 2008) with “D-LOWE” screened on the back in 72-point font, I salute you. You’re a bigger fan than I am. Ditto to the guy rocking the Rashaun Woods 49ers jersey.

3. Quinn Sharp’s 74-yard punt into the wind was one of the craziest things involving a kicker I’ve ever seen. Speaking of kickers, are we cool with Sharp pretending like he’s in the EPL and just taking rips down the center of the field on kickoffs that either 1.) hit an unsuspecting blocker and cause mass chaos or 2.) bounce and bounce and bounce and eventually bounce over the return man to the point that we can recover or he’s pinned on the 10? That seems 100x more effective than what we’ve been doing[1. And yes I know he leads the nation in touchbacks, but we’re also 119th in the nation in allowing kick returns of 60 yards or more.].

4. How cool was Weeden and Cooper giving high fives to the offensive guys as they came off the field after a touchdown in the first half? Chelf went in for a low five from Weeds that just screamed “we love OSU as much as two quarterbacks possibly can.” Terrific display.

5. The guys I was sitting with and I had a 5-minute conversation about the last time OSU returned a punt for a touchdown. We honestly couldn’t remember. Without looking it up we settled on Perrish Cox’s return against Colorado in Weeden’s coming out party game.

6. The stadium erupted when Larry Reece called Chelf’s name as the offense trotted out. I know that’s not a huge deal to Gundy and Monken but it seems like it should mean something that your entire school is behind you. People feel like they know him and they want him to succeed. That should count for something in whatever kind of conversation the coaches have this week about it.

Also, it seems like Gundy would have placed a moratorium on QBs jumping up and side bumping wide receivers to celebrate TDs given the QB-go-round throughout the first nine games. Maybe not though.

7. OSU honored the Big 12 champion cross country team during the second quarter (as they should) and, I kid you not, it took like three of those dudes to hold the trophy over their heads.

8. Blake Webb wears two QB wristbands. I think that kind of begs the question, “is he ‘available’?”

9. They showed Keiton on the video boards in the second half sitting with someone I presumed to be his girlfriend. Let’s put it this way, Keiton took advantage of his opportunity to parlay local basketball fame into other parts of his life. Your move, Forte.

10. Is this the most bizarre season of our lifetime? A defense on pace for a historically low number of turnovers, potentially three 1,000-yard passers, Monken’s quotes, infinity injuries, Gundy doing Belichick, and still 9-3 and a Cotton Bowl appearance doesn’t seem absurd. Quite a ride.

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