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10 More Thoughts On Arizona



NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at ArizonaPhoto Attribution: US Presswire

1. A few more things on Lunt: he has a freaking cannon. I’m sure all the tape gurus (hey, Trent Dilfer!) will say his delivery is “way too long” or whatever but the kid is certainly not short on arm. I also love that he steps into hits and that he’s big enough to do so. This was one thing Weeden did better than Zac just because he was built for it. If Lunt was scared/nervous/anxious about his first real start, he was sure good at covering it up.

2. One subtle thing at the end of the game I really liked was Tracy Moore refusing to celebrate his 4th TD because OSU was still down a pair of touchdowns. Somebody (maybe Charlie Moore) came sprinting up to hit him on the helmet and celebrate but he just looked away and walked to the sideline. Strong statement.

3. Shaun Lewis looks like a different player this year. He looks bigger and healthier than he did last year. Of course last year we didn’t lose to Arizona by 20 so maybe this isn’t a good thing…

4. It’s scary that of the 85 dudes in white playing last night, the one I trusted the most was taking pre-calculus and eating cafeteria meals this time last year.

5. Do you think Todd Monken kept his “I quit f-bombs after that embarrassing ‘Year of the QB’ performance on national television” covenant tonight[1. Part of me has to wonder if he keeps live animals next to him in the press box and just bludgeons one every time he sees Quinn Sharp going out to punt. These are the things you think when you’re getting routed by an unranked team at 1 AM]? I would bet the lives of all my family members that he didn’t.

6. I gotta say I liked the uniforms last night a lot more than when we wore them at Tech last year. I think the white shoes really made the gray pants pop. Thumbs up…except now we’ll never wear that combo again[1. When is it OK to start wearing combos we lost in again? Do we just sacrifice losing combos in games we think we’re going to lose? Somebody needs to take the uniform czar title and help me out with questions like these.].

7. We could probably hold a 10-hour town hall meeting on which OSU player we miss most from last year’s squad but I’d like to cast a vote for Josh Cooper. Tracy Moore filled the Justin Blackmon role quite nicely but there was nobody Lunt could turn to when he needed 10-12 yards that made me say “yes, that’s cash” like Weeden to Cooper did last year.

8. I wonder if other coaches make fun of RichRod for wearing that quarterback wristband play calling thing. It seems like Mack Brown and Les Miles would totally have a giggle over that at a coaches convention.

9. Underrated: the offensive line play in the second half was terrific. Lunt was slinging’ it but he also had hours to find a receiver[2. Apparently next week the coaches need to give all 39 of our receivers a few hours before the game to find their hands.].

10. It’s been well-documented but Calvin Barnett’s personal foul and roughing the passer calls are inexcusable. That’s just not giving a crap about your team.

11. Nothing about last night made sense. OSU started hot, had the bigger, more athletic team, our QB was a better passer, we had a deeper running game…and then just got drilled. I know a lot of that can be attributed to penalties but it seems like the narrative goes deeper than that. I’m intrigued to see what Gundy says this week in his presser about how the team is coming together.

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