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10 Newcomers



Untitled-1Left to right: Curry, Seales, Webb

Here’s an introduction to 10 newbies to the Oklahoma State team[1. I’m not including Wes Lunt, I think you know who Wes Lunt is.] and why you need to know them…

1. C.J. Curry (WR) – My pick to win this year’s Justin Gilbert memorial “good gosh this guy is a freshman?!” award. The preseason narrative has been interesting with him, Austin Hays, and Brandon Sheperd (we’ll get to them) jockeying for playing time but I think in the end Curry ends up with more yards and catches than all of them. Can we print the Lunt2Curry 2014 shirts or is it premature?

2. Calvin Barnett (DT) – He’s going to start, play, and start and play a lot. He might be the cornerstone of a defensive line that’s so good and deep that Bill Young was able to move Nigel Nicholas out to defensive end (where we need more help). Barnett is a former Gundy recruit out of high school is back from two years at Navarro JC.

3. Austin Hays (WR) – Kasey Dunn called him the most consistent freshman receiver in camp thus far. His terrible personal website (with a GIF from the 1940s) says his hands were sent straight from God so I see no reason why he won’t be the #1 guy this year…oh wait, yes I do[2. (Remembers Tracy Moore, Josh Stewart, Isaiah Anderson, Charlie Moore, and Justin Horton)].

4. Blake Jackson (WR) – Probably the most hyped new guy coming into the year outside of Lunt and Curry. He sounded like a cross between Rob Gronkowski and Billy Bajema and he’s built like a freaking 747. I haven’t heard his name as much as I thought I would this fall but we also have like 25 wide receivers that are going to see the field so I suspect he’ll get some good reps.

5. Victor Irokansi (DE) – Robert Allen is fired up about him. Gina Mizell too. And don’t forget Bill Young. And like Gina said, with Jimmy Bean’s injury and with Gundy saying they were going 22-deep on defense on Saturday, Irokansi could get some serious run.

6. Kevin Peterson (CB) – How can you not love a guy who pulled a reverse Broyles and left Norman in the rearview mirror? Not in the preseason two deep but…well…that’s why it’s the preseason two deep.

7. Ashton Lampkin (CB) – Another starry frosh (who looks like the love child of Byron Houston and Tony Allen). He’s also in the mix to get some playing time at cornerback (a position we desperately need some depth might I add).

8. Jhajuan Seales (WR) – Kasey Dunn says we’re all going to be in love with him when he figures it out. The youngester from Houston could be uber-productive but still not play a lot. Think Michael Harrison last year.

9. Brandon Sheperd (WR) – Yet another guy part of this loaded freshman wide receiver class. Already a fan of Bedlam, the Missourian looks a lot bigger than 6’1 195 on film. Might have the least impact of anyone on this list this year but will still factor in for his entire career.

10. Blake Webb (WR) – People keep insisting he’s one of the fastest dudes on the team but I want to see him line up next to J Gils on a kick return and run with him to the other endzone. Is that too much to ask? He’s going to play (Doug Meacham already said he’s in the rotation) but what’s going to be interesting is what the playing time at inside receiver looks like with so many guys.

This post is part of my 2012 season preview.

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