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10 Predictions for the 2015 Oklahoma State Season



You can count down to the 2015 season in hours now which means it’s time for some final predictions from the two of us. Who can ever forget the time I said Josh Cooper would have more receptions than Justin Blackmon all the way back in the first year this blog got started? Hopefully this year’s version will be slightly more accurate.


1. James Washington will be OSU’s home run threat: The rapport between Mason Rudolph and both Washington and Brandon Sheperd appears to be strong, but it feels a little bit like we’re forgetting about Washington. Sheperd will likely have the better season, longer career and is probably more talented. But it’s No. 28 that Rudolph will find for more big plays.

2. Jordan Burton will be All-Big 12: I’m all in on Burton this season which is great because I haven’t seen him play a single down of football so you should definitely buy what I’m selling. But seriously, the star linebacker at OSU is always given the chance to shine and Burton will thrive in that role because he has really good, talented people (Ryan Simmons and Seth Jacobs) around him.

3. J.W. Walsh won’t play as much as we think: I guess this depends on how much you think he’s going to play, but it seems like everyone is presuming that he’s going to get 10+ plays a game and multiple touches. He’s just too valuable as a backup QB to do that. I think (hope?) Gundy realizes that sooner rather than later.

4. Jimmy Bean and Emmanuel Ogbah will have similar seasons: This might be Cooper > Blackmon redux, but I think teams are going to say, “screw it, we’re double or tripling Ogbah,[1. This actually might be necessary at this point.] let the other fellow beat us if he can.” I think he can. Last year, Ogbah had 10 sacks and 13 TFLs. Bean had 3.5 sacks and 7.5 TFLs. I think those numbers are much closer this year.

5. Oklahoma State will win the Big 12: Ohhhh boy, I am drinking the Kool-Aid. I’m buying what Glenn Spencer is selling and I think Mason Rudolph is the absolute truth. I envision a season similar to what Baylor had last year — go 11-1 with a not great loss on the road somewhere. If the SEC is a mess like everyone thinks it will be, 11-1 in the Big 12 would probably be enough to get into the College Football Playoff. Am I really typing these words right now?


1. Emmanuel Ogbah will double his sack total from last season: This is an ambitious prediction, but technically, it’s possible. Terrell Suggs holds the single season sack record with 24, and if Ogbah doubled his sack output from last season, he would finish with 22.

2. J.W. Walsh will play more snaps at running back than quarterback: I’m on the other side of the fence than Kyle on this one. I’m convinced Walsh will see a lot of playing time this season, and I can’t fathom Rudolph standing and watching on the sidelines. I envision special packages with a two-back set, and Walsh lining up at running back opposite Rudolph.

3. Brandon Sheperd will be a Biletnikoff Award finalist: I don’t think he’ll win it, but he’ll be in the conversation by November.

4. Jeff Carr will finish with more rushing yards than Rennie Childs: I’m a big fan of Childs, but he has yet to prove he can be a consistent player for a full season. Carr is expected to get “8-10” carries per game, but I think that number will increase as the season progresses.

5. Kevin Peterson will finish with 8 interceptions: Gilbert finished his senior year off with 8 interceptions, including two returned for touchdowns. Peterson isn’t as physically talented as Gilbert was, but his technique is much more sound. He’s in for another big year.

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