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10 questions for @CoachGundy



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Since Gundy is now taking three questions a day on Twitter “every day for the foreseeable future” I thought I should list the 10 I’d most like to see his answers to[1. With a lie detector attached to him.]…

1. What do I have to give you to get one minute of footage of you and Monk at a craps table in Vegas?

2. Will you take a pay cut if the words “Bill Self” are involved?

3. Alex Cate’s father: does he have photos of you or Kristen? Or both?

4. How many times have you wished you had a mulligan on naming your kid “Gunner Gundy”?

5. Have you considered eschewing the porcupine look and reverting to the mop-top of the early 1990s? Why or why not?

6. Over/under three sentences spoken to Brent Parker since 1988?

7. Texas or SC?

8. One word to describe Travis Ford, go.

9. One word to describe Mike Holder, go.

10. Finish this sentence: Dana Holgerson is ___% human and ___% werewolf.

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