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10 Questions: GIA Kermit



10 QI wanted to start a new feature on PFB called 10 questions where we interview random O-State players, coaches, personalities, alumni, etc. Amilian has done a good job of this in the past but his interviewees have had a tendency to…ramble (is that the right word?) so I thought for the sake of streamlining things (and to bookend the “10 thoughts” stuff I’m always doing) we would call it 10 questions from now on.

Our first interview is a frog. Not just any frog though.

This frog.

He is Daniel Smola of Piedmont, Oklahoma and I appreciate him taking some time for the blog.

1. When did you start the Kermit thing?

The Kermit thing was started my senior year at Piedmont High School.

2. Why do you do it?

A group of my friends and I wanted to dress up in costumes in our high school student section.

3. And why Kermit?

The costume I actually wanted was a Gumby costume, but one of my friends got it before I could. Kermit was the second best thing so I got it.

4. How did it come about?

My friends and I wanted to get costumes for our high school basketball games. We seemed to have a solid group committed to the idea, but a lot of them ended up backing out so only a few of us went through with costumes.

5. Do the players/coaches know who you are or say anything to you?

None of them have said anything to me so I assume that they don’t know who I am. I have three more years to go to the games so who knows what will end up happening.

6. Who’s your favorite player on this year’s team?

My favorite player this year is, no surprise, Marcus Smart. Talent like him hasn’t been through Stillwater in a while. He does it all and it’s fun to watch.

7. What about your all-time favorite player?

All-time favorite player is a little harder. It’s tough to decide between the starters on the ’03-’04 team. If I absolutely had to choose I’d say John Lucas.

8. Do you plan on doing this for other sports? Or maybe you already do?

I haven’t dressed up for any other sports besides basketball. I haven’t decided if I will do it for other sports as well.

9. How far will OSU go in the NCAA tournament?

I believe we have a pretty solid team. I predict that we will go out in a close loss in the Sweet 16.

10. Is there a Ms. Piggy?

There is no Ms. Piggy at the moment, but I don’t think Kermit wouldn’t mind if there was!

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