10 signature Oklahoma State football moments

Written by Kyle Porter

Some amazing work by Brian Gittings (@superfanHD) here depicting 10 signature moments for Cowboy football in the last 20 years.

A few thoughts…

How scary was Alonzo Mayes?

How big were Josh Fields’ balls for throwing that 4th down ball to TD Bryant?

How much did we love the over-the-shoulder fake FG before Lester took it to the bayou?

Hope somebody’s already working on the Markel dunk mashup.

Thanks again to Brian for the work.

  • The Nebraska sack was random.

  • I loved this, but I gotta say the fact that nearly half of these highlights came against teams we don’t play anymore–Nebraska, Colorado, Texas A&M, Missouri–made me really, really sad. Conference realignment sucks.

  • Ben

    Mayes was a beast. Loved watching him. His pro career didn’t pan out that well but he was certainly a driving force in getting us back to our first bowl game after probation.

  • Joe

    Mayes was a beast. I was at that game. When osu intercepted to get the ball back when they were down, I had friends that were drinking in their truck and listening to the game at Tumbleweeds. They turned the radio down and could barely hear hear the crowd. After he touchdown to mayes, they said they didn’t have to turn the radio down at all to hear the crowd.

  • Thanks for the love, I just now got around to seeing this post. Yes, the Nebraska sack was “random”, but I defend that with two things: 1. I really wanted to get in a Kevin Williams play & 2. I think that sack set the tone for the rest of the game. As I recall, the game was 0-0 and Nebraska had a chance to strike first on the board. The KW sack put Nebraska out of FG range.