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10 Things We Learned This Spring



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The spring isn’t ideal for learning things about your football team because 1.) the season is still five months away and 2. I live in Dallas and have seen as many Josh Stewart post patterns as Bobby Reid has. Nevertheless, I think we learned these ten things from the last month or so of OSU spring practices.

1. OSU doesn’t have a great QB – We can keep telling ourselves “no, but all three of them are playing well, we’ll be fine with any of them,” but it’s not true. The reality is that QB is going to be an average position at best this season which is why I say ride with Lunt, take your 8-4 or 7-5 or 9-3 or whatever to the house, and try to take two out of three Big 12 titles in 2013.

2. The WR position won’t be what it has been – Part of this is because of #1 and the other part is because it’s difficult to lose two 1st round picks in three years and still be okay. Unless you’re The U…or SC or something. There’s not really an outside threat and though some people might say “we said this in 2010 too and that worked out nicely” I say to those people, “well, Tracy Moore doesn’t have THIS throwing to him either.”

3. LB and RB are going to battle for “deepest position on the team” – When you’ve got Gundy saying the LB group is the best he’s ever seen in Stillwtaer and this guy, THIS GUY is our 4th string RB, I think that means you’re deep (I also think that means you can afford to start Lunt).

4. Gundy found an offense he loves – I’ve written before that one of my favorite things about Gundy is that he’s chameleon-like in his coaching patterns. If Zac Robinson needs to play then the offense will revolve around Zac and we will run zone reads until our eyes bleed. If Brandon Weeden needs to air his arm out then by golly Dana Holgorson will devise something beautiful and terrible and #3 will have all of the records. It’s curious to me then, that at this venture, with a pair of running (or at least jogging) QBs, he would choose to draw a line in the sand and say “this is who we are.” Another reason I think it really could be Lunt on Sept. 1 vs. Savannah St.

5. Blake Jackson is our Gronk – Seriously, he’s going to become a fan favorite by the time conference play opens. If OSU could print J-A-C-K-S-O-N on the back of some #18 jerseys, they would. And you would buy them.

6. Joe Randle will be the cornerstone of the OMonken mildly called him out the other day, saying “Is he Scottie Pippen or is he Steve Kerr? Is he the beneficiary [of Weeden and Blackmon] or is he a big piece? We’re going to find out this year.” I can pretty much promise he isn’t Steve Kerr, or Jud Buechler for that matter. He’s going to be every bit as dynamic as the last two years of supporting cast awards suggest and a 1500-500-25 year isn’t out of the question.

7. Quinn Sharp is going to win all the awardsDirect quote from Gundy: “He ought to be preseason all-everything.” Gundy doesn’t say stuff like that.

8. Defensive end will be fine – It’s always a little unnerving to lose a first team All-Big 12 guy (not to mention another guy who led the team in sacks and fumbles forced), especially at a position you’ve been notoriously shaky at, but the overflowing spring of linebackers and DTs has allowed Gundy to move guys (Tyler Johnson from LB and Nigel Nicholas from DT) to the outside to shore up the depth issue. Nicholas was OSU’s second leading tackler for losses (tackle for losser?) in 2011 and he’s not even going to start at DE. Scary.

9. The secondary seems strangely questionable – The stalwart of last year’s D is suddenly…thin. Corner should be fine with Brodrick Island and whatever you call this (though Andrae May tore his ACL) but safety is a bit more disconcerting. Daytawion Lowe and Lavouwhceihaadkljaweklda Cooper will start, but their backups are Zack Craig (ok) and Isaac Maselera (¿quien?). Hope nobody pulls a Johnny Thomas…

10. Todd Monken knows we don’t give a sh** how they score – Let’s be honest…we don’t. As long as that number is large and crooked and more than the other team’s number…

What have you guys learned this spring?

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