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10 Thoughts: Baylor




I just let go of my feeble heart. Quite the last seven days for Travis Ford’s squad: last-second W against ISU, monster win in Lawrence, flirting with trouble against Baylor only to be rescued by Cobbins2Markel.

My 10 thoughts on the game…

1. Baylor isn’t a great team (maybe not even a good team) but it’s encouraging to know that OSU can get a win when it shoots 14% (!) from three and 36% overall and its two best players go 8-38 (!!!) from the field.

2. I have to hand it to Nash — he’s doesn’t complain about his role as a third banana in the Markel/Marcus show. He hit his midrange Js (4-9 from the field), got a few boards, and kept his mouth shut on defense. Ignoring the fact that his man (A.J. Walton) is about as skilled offensively as Kendrick Perkins, but still. And why didn’t we go to him when Brady Threegoggles Heslip was on him near the end of the game?

3. One thing that’s gone a little overlooked these last few weeks is how effective Ford has been in throwing the 2-3 zone out there. I don’t love it, but who cares what I think. You could throw an eraser at Scott Drew and he’d probably have a frontal lobe spasm. Just because Pierre Jackson went crazy momentarily from long range doesn’t mean it wasn’t a smart play.

Don’t use it all the time, but sparingly, which Ford has.

4. Fashion update: Markels Jordan 13s were filthy — I think he’s trying to exhaust the first 20 versions before he graduates. Also, I enjoyed Le’Bryan’s subtle USC black shoes/white shoelaces look. That’s a strong move for him. Lastly, what’s brighter — Pierre Jackson’s shoes or Marcus Smart’s future? (had that one queued up for the last 39:30 of the game…)

5. Tweet below says a lot, especially considering how poorly OSU shot tonight. Jackson was in “eff it, Scott Drew’s my coach, I’m pulling from wherever I want” mode for most of the second half. Smart took some poor shots but he just refuses to lose games.

Also, Smart had the bizarro stat line of the night. 4-21 for 14 points, 8 boards, 7 assists, and 4 steals. As Anthony Slater pointed out, he missed more shots tonight than he’d ever taken before. On account of the 22 scouts in attendance? KU hangover?

6. The refs were awful (blah blah blah blah) — they’re always awful. The color guy did make an interesting point after one of their 25 horrendous calls (both ways btw). He said:

The game has changed…the rules that are made for these officials don’t empower these refs. They’re told that you cannot instruct the players on how to play.

Case in point, this tweet from Morris:

7. This tweet is true. The game really never should have gone to OT. That doesn’t make the win any less awesome, but still.

Also, I’ll die on the “2-for-1 at end of games” hill. 45+ seconds left, we have a two point lead, and our solution is to run the clock down to 15 and let Markel yank from 28 feet? No. Get a quick play to try and get up four and even if you miss, you get another possession even if Baylor scores.  Haha, I think Carson agrees (on the Markel 28-footer)…

8. One of the announcers said this when they panned to Eddie and his “tan” in the first half…

This man right here looks like he’s been on the golf course

Well see, here’s the thing……

9. Video of Ford shaking hands and kissing babies after the game. Say what you want about Ford (and trust me, I know you guys do) but he’s been all in on GIA and this team.

10. Another jewel from one of the announcers tonight (don’t remember which one):

Markel Brown knows he has an advantage over Heslip.

Like saying China knows it has a manpower advantage over St. Croix.

At Texas Saturday.

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